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Hackers recently infiltrated the computer network of Sony Pictures and posted online the Social Security numbers of Sylester Stallone, Conan O'Brien, and tens of thousands of current and former employees. We don't know if Rocky cried out, 'Adrian, Adrian, my identity has been stolen,' but it is likely that he uttered a few choice words. While some speculated that North Korea was behind the security breach, they have denied it (but can we believe them?). The working theory on the involvment of North Korea was that the breach was in retaliation for an upcoming comedy about Kim Jon Un. An... Read more →

The hardest thing about getting things done this time of the year, is that it is THIS TIME OF THE YEAR. With Christmas and New Year's (and all of the related social events), it is the worst season to find the time to sit down and deal with your finances. The problem is, however, that this is prime time for making end of year moves that can have an enormous impact in your financial picture for next year. 5 Smart End Of Year Financial Moves 1. Make a financial contribution to your favorite charity or ministry The great thing about... Read more →

I don't know if you remember the old TV show The Equalizer. I absolutely loved this show. Edward Woodward was perfectly cast as the main character, Robert McCall. The Equalizer was a retired spy that used his background and special skills to help ordinary people get justice (when the authorities were of no help). By the way, if you missed it, the movie version starring Denzel Washington came out just a few weeks ago. The movie version was a bit more violent than the TV show (see trailer below). You have to love The Equalizer because he was ready, willing,... Read more →

Fake IRS Agents Steal $16,500 From Charlotte Minister

The Charlotte Observer is reporting that Al Cadenhead, a Charlotte area minister, was scammed out of more than $16,000 by an individual impersonating an IRS agent. Cadenhead says tht he received a threatening phone call demanding money for unpaid taxes. He was told that the IRS was in the process of issuing liens against his home and a warrant for his arrest. The entire ordeal lasted nine hours. Cadenhead drained his home equity line and savings and transferred the funds to a number of Green Dot cash cards (as he was instructed to do by the scammers). The card numbers... Read more →

Tom Sightings has written a great piece for the online version of U.S. News & World Report that details both retirees’ typically most substantial expenses, as well as some ways to limit each. There’s actually a lot of good information inside of what is a relatively brief piece; to what is surely no one’s surprise, expenses like housing, health care, and taxes make the list. It is, of course, a great idea to limit one’s expenses in retirement whenever possible, but the reality is that many people will find it to be extremely helpful to double their financial power in... Read more →

It may be one of the most profitable home based business in the world, yet most Americans don't know about it. It is the lucrative business of stealing tax refunds. Last year alone, more than $5.2 billion was stolen. The scammers simply buy lists of Social Security numbers and begin filing tax returns online. The IRS online filing system has no means of confirming that it is the actual taxpayer filing the return. Victims only learn that their refund has been stolen after attempting to file their return. The IRS will reject their filing, notifying them that a return has... Read more →

IRS Settlements And Payment Options - IRS Problem Solver Dan Pilla Dan Pilla joins Jim Paris live to discuss how to resolve IRS problems. Dan shares detailed strategies on how to make a settlement with the IRS, qualify for a payment plan on old taxes, offers in compromise, innocent spouse relief, discharging taxes in bankruptcy, what to do if you have not filed a tax return in years, and more. Dan's website Read more →

The Paris family has fallen into the habit over the years of keeping entirely too many financial records. My wife, who will readily admit this, simply keeps everything. We have boxes of financial receipts in our garage that go back more than twenty years. Well, that is going to all end this week. I ordered a nice sized shredder and we are going to dispose of dozens of boxes of old receipts, tax records, canceled insurance policies, and more. This week's article is the result of my own research trying to find an answer to the question, "What financial records... Read more →

5 Ways To Know If Your Property Tax Bill Is Wrong

As real estate prices begin to go up again, look for sharp increases in property taxes to follow. It was interesting to watch a local county here in Central Florida actually double their county spending during a five year period in the last real estate boom. Property taxes are like a giant piggy bank for local politicians. Even if your tax bill is correct, it may be much too high already (even without any errors). Three weeks ago I was contacted by one of our readers in the Chicago area with perhaps one of the most bizarre stories I have... Read more →

Lower Your Taxes Big Time

Author of Lower Your Taxes Big Time, Sandy Botkin, joins Jim Paris Live. On this episode - how starting a small home based business can substantially reduce your taxes, tax consequences of buying and selling Bitcoin, how to reduce your taxes to as low as possible - maybe even zero. Read more →

Obamacare Enrollment Window Closing - Christians Can Avoid Fine Through Exemption

March 31st marks the end of the first Obamacare enrollment period. Enrollment will open up again in November for coverage that will begin in 2015. The idea behind having these enrollment windows is to provide some measure of protection against people waiting to join until after they are sick. Although it is true that you can jump in on the next enrollment window with your pre-existing medical situation, you will be on the hook for your medical bills until your coverage goes into force. The other significant issue that comes into play as a result of the enrollment window closing... Read more →

Obamacare: The Final Countdown

We are only 54 days away from the long anticipated launch of Obamacare. Although the program has quite a lot of critics, there are many people that will benefit from it. We have been receiving a lot of e mails from individuals interested in learning more about how to get the details for their state and how to enroll. Remember, all Americans are required to carry health insurance as of January 1, 2014 or face fines that will be collected by the IRS. Getting Started The primary website you will want to become acquainted with is HealthCare.Gov. The site has... Read more →