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A few important topics to cover and I thought I would blend them all into a news roundup article. 1. A New Quick Way To Sell Your Home There is a revolution taking place in home selling. Led by Open Door, sellers can now avoid the process of a traditional sale. No more worrying about keeping your house spotless for showings and waiting months for your home to sell. Quick sale firms perform an inspection and value analysis and make a quick sale offer. There are fees of between 5 and 10 percent and you most likely won't get as... Read more →

War has a way of shooting holes in your best-laid plans. Sgt. 1st Class Gregory Stube (Ret.) suffered life-changing wounds during the battle of Operation Medusa in Afghanistan in 2006, but using the Green Beret methods he learned in the Special Forces, Stube knew he could conquer anything. Service in the elite A-Team teaches you to come up with smart, well-researched, and flexible battle plans for completing the mission—every mission. Even when that mission is to spend an arduous year in a hospital recovering from being blown up, badly burned, and shot multiple times. Greg shares the leadership principles and... Read more →

The recent hurricane was a reminder of just how important a radio is to have on hand. You can't rely on your TV or smartphone during a storm, and an AM/FM battery operated radio may be your most reliable source of information. Here is a radio I really like, and as part of an arrangement with the seller we will receive a portion of each sale to fund our operations. This is a win-win, and we hope you will grab one of these radios to add to your survival gear. Once your Kaito Pocket Radio arrives in the mail you’ll... Read more →

Click Here To Listen Online Or Download On this episode Jim shares several tips on how to get an amazing night of sleep. Including aromatherapy, nutritional supplements for sleep, using a 'sleep machine', and more. When making important decisions be careful not to set yourself up with confirmation bias. How Jim is losing weight with the Slow Carb diet, how to deal with dysfunctional family situations, how the martial arts can clear your mind and provide a mental 'reboot.' Read more →

Safety and security threats are everywhere, and, more and more, “regular folks” find themselves having to increasingly think like personal protection specialists. There is a wealth of reasons why life even in so-called “civilized,” developed nations is now fraught with risk to the degree it is, but the “whys” matter not at all when a street assault or some other kind of attack is upon you in the moment – all that matters at that time is, “Are you ready?” Part of being ready includes ensuring one has the right equipment to navigate out of immediate danger and back to... Read more →

Since the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States, many of America’s cities have remained in the grip of violent protestors angry at the electorate’s choice. Much of the survival community saw this coming. While a large number of them were hoping to see a President Trump, it was also difficult to imagine the reaction of the progressive left to his election would be anything approaching acquiescent. Sure enough, trouble has reigned since November 8. The city of Portland, Ore. has been a particularly acute flashpoint for anti-Trump rioting and violence. Two men there were... Read more →

If you have a Facebook account, chances are that you’re seeing all sorts of symbolic gestures from friends, friends of friends, etc., regarding the Orlando terrorist attack at a gay nightclub. I know at least some of these folks truly mean well, even as I know others are just looking to go with the crowd in their gesture-making. Still, I think I’m more put out with those that actually are engaging in these gestures with great sincerity, because it speaks to either a pronounced misguidedness, or a very troubling unwillingness on their part to see the real enemy at our... Read more →

As the world increasingly loses its mind (is there really any other way to put it?), many of us look for ways to get back in touch with how things “used to be.” Who, except for the most unhinged progressive, can really blame us? Look at the mess out there. Oh, there’s plenty of life that is still good and decent…but, more and more that which is finds itself increasingly crowded out by that which is not. As I get older, I find myself retreating just a bit more, in some ways. I still use modern conveniences, to be sure,... Read more →

I have a confession to make: I like Walmart. I probably shouldn’t like Walmart, for a whole host of reasons, but at basic, “shopping” level, I really like it. I like it because it is the biggest, best, and most convenient convenience store out there. Like most of you, my time nowadays is at a distinct premium. I just do not have much…really any…to spare. This means that when I do go into town, I really have to try to get everything I can in one stop, and for as little as possible…and that means Walmart. The time constraints with... Read more →

On this episode - former TV host and black belt, Lori Hartman Gervasi, joins Jim to discuss women's self defense strategies, including - deciding to be your own bodyguard, trusting your instincts, taking extreme measures to defend yourself, how to use everyday items as self defense weapons, your ultimate goal in a self defense situation, the law of self defense, how not to fall into the trap of believing it can't happen to you, and why you need to develop your self defense strategy NOW. Read more →

The vast middle ground between being entirely unarmed and carrying a firearm…is finding itself increasingly occupied by people who are interested in having immediate access to some type of non-lethal, including improvised, weapon that affords them a measure of protection greater than that which can be realized by using only their fists and feet. For example, a self-defense program called Cane Fu is becoming very popular as so many older folks seek ways to put more of the odds on their side should they find themselves the victims of a street assault. The idea behind Cane Fu is that a... Read more →

So, once again, we are reminded that people going about their business, in the most (ostensibly) peaceful of surroundings, can find themselves under direct assault by terrorists bent on doing harm to all those living in the Western world. Add to the threats from terrorism…all those that come at the hands of “regular” criminal predators, and you have a citizenry that is genuinely under assault. I have written previously about the growing number of law enforcement officials who are declaring that regular citizens must learn to protect themselves, because the number and nature of threats today are just too overwhelming... Read more →