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John and Julieanne Dimitrion are on the FBI's most wanted while collar criminals list. The couple claimed to be Christians and were active members of their church in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Our original story on the Dimitrions will provide you more of a background. They have been on the run for more than four years, after pleading guilty to a massive mortgage fraud scheme and failing to appear at their sentencing hearing. New Developments In The Case Hawaii News Now is reporting that the parents recently admitted to the FBI that they have been in constant contact with the couple.... Read more →

More and more states are going to electronic toll booths and this has created a real problem for travelers. Of course, if you are visiting an area it is easy enough to simply go through the cash lane and pay your toll. But that option is disappearing in many places. The major rental car companies have decided to use this as a way to cash in. A number of state attorneys general are investigating so called administrative toll fees, and the class action lawsuits are already being filed. $22 To Go Over A Bridge? My wife and I went to... Read more →

Embezzler's Pocket $28,000 For Each Month Of Prison

On this episode Jim discusses the shockingly light prison sentences for embezzlers. How one embezzler stole $53 million dollars from a small town. A Tulsa pastor embezzles amost $1 million dollars and his church does not fire him. New options with Over The Top TV. Should you take Social Security at 62 or wait? Edward Snowden's privacy tips. Read more →

I published an earlier story today on a Tulsa Pastor that pleaded guilty to embezzling nearly one million dollars, and thought I might do a little more reading on other embezzlement stories currently in the news. As the victim of embezzlement myself, I find it fascinating how many cases there are each day in the news. Even more interesting is how short the prison sentences turn out to be. When an embezzler is initially arrested is when you will see most of the coverage. Reporters will routinely make completely ridiculous claims about the potential sentences when reporting on an embezzlement... Read more →

It may be one of the most profitable home based business in the world, yet most Americans don't know about it. It is the lucrative business of stealing tax refunds. Last year alone, more than $5.2 billion was stolen. The scammers simply buy lists of Social Security numbers and begin filing tax returns online. The IRS online filing system has no means of confirming that it is the actual taxpayer filing the return. Victims only learn that their refund has been stolen after attempting to file their return. The IRS will reject their filing, notifying them that a return has... Read more →

It was almost two years ago and I was hot on the trail of a group of scammers promoting a bogus daily interest scheme known as Profitable Sunrise. After I had exposed the phony office of Profitable Sunrise in England, that the company was not licensed, and the mathematical impossibility of the returns, the promoters got very desperate. As I mention in my book, Exposing The Ponzi Masters, the Profitable Sunrise promoters (led by Nancy Jo Frazer) publicly announced that a private investigator was hired to dig up dirt on me. This was not enough to take the spotlight off... Read more →

The phone rings and as you answer you notice the called ID showing 'Internal Revenue Service." You take a couple of deep breaths and say hello. Next, you are told by a man in a deep, authoritative voice, that you owe thousands in taxes. As the conversation continues he tells you that he is an IRS collection agent and will take your bank account, maybe your home, and possibly send you to prison if you don't immediately make arrangements to pay the past due taxes. These calls are very convincing and the IRS impostors have already netted more than $5... Read more →

John and Julieanne Dimitrion are listed on the FBI website as two of the most wanted white collar criminals in the world. Oddly enough, they were also very prominent members of their church in Hawaii. Some of the victims of their mortgage/real estate scam were also active members of the faith community on Oahu. According to CNBC's American Greed (episode embedded below), they were devoted members of Calvary Chapel, an Evangelical church in Pearl Harbor. John volunteered as a sound board engineer and Julieanne performed in Christian plays. John enjoyed a privileged upbringing, including going to Punahou high school, which... Read more →

Our friend, Patrick Pretty, reported in his blog on Tuesday that Illinois had issued an order naming Nancy Jo Frazer, Roman Novak, and Profitable Sunrise. The 'Temporary Order Of Prohibition' (issued in March) contains multiple allegations, including nine counts of fraud. I spoke today with James J. Tierney, an attorney with the Illinois Securities Department. Tierney told that this is an open matter and is an ongoing investigation. He said he could not comment further due to the 'open status' of the case. Nancy Jo Frazer fraud allegations. Another item in the Patrick Pretty article that we thought was... Read more →

A neighbor informed me recently that while she was up at the corner gas station she saw two men with a laptop computer acting suspiciously. She said they were 'doing something' with their computer and seemed to be closely watching her and other customers (especially as they took out their credit cards to use the pay at the pump option). She believes that they may have been remotely stealing credit card numbers. Listen To Jim Paris Discuss This Topic My 71 year old mother mentioned the other day that a friend suggested that she go out and buy a special... Read more →

Please pass this along to all of your contacts using your social media accounts as this is spreading across the country right now. Note that seniors are many times the largest group of victims of these kinds of scams. The bank scams keep getting better and better, and this one would probably fool most people (including me). You receive a text message that appears to be from your bank. The message provides a phone number for you to call. After dialing the number, you hear an automated message informing you that for security reasons your debit card account has been... Read more →

Trial Of Former Miami Vice Actress Delayed In Ohio Fraud Case has learned today from Williams County, OH court records that the trial of Nancy Jo Frazer, David Frazer, and Albert Rosebrock, has been rescheduled to February 2015. The case has been the subject of ongoing coverage on this blog since early 2013. The Profitable Sunrise scheme is also the focus of my book, Exposing The Ponzi Masters. Helping you make the most of God’s money! James L. Paris Editor-In-Chief Follow Me on Twitter Christian Financial Advice Jim Paris 24 Hour Radio Read more →

The Student Loan Scam

Jim Paris Live can be heard on Sunday nights from 9 to 11 pm Eastern on the Genesis Communications Network Jim Paris Live welcomes Alan Collinge, Founder of Student Loan Justice to discuss his book, The Student Loan Scam. Alan's website Full transcript here Read more →

I was returning home from a trip last week. After picking up my luggage from the carousel and finding my car, I started my drive home from the airport. My stomach was growling as I had not eaten in several hours. I saw a McDonald's that was open and I ended up in the drive-through ordering a bottle of water and a small hamburger. What would follow would be one of the strangest experiences I have ever had in a drive-through. Although not common, PINs can sometimes be stolen electronically You Want My PIN? What? The young lady at the... Read more →

I am excited to announce the release of my new book, Exposing The Ponzi Masters. Many of you know that in February of 2013 this blog broke the story of the $100 million dollar worldwide scheme that had targeted the Christian community. Now, the truth can finally be told about all that happened behind the scenes. You see, Profitable Sunrise was much more than a twisted investment scheme, the marketing organization behind it operated like a cult. I went through an unbelievable personal and professional attack when I began exposing the scammers worldwide. I hope you enjoy the new book,... Read more →