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This article was originally published in 2016 I am a huge Tom Selleck fan. I love everything this guy is in. From his early start on my all time favorite show, The Rockford Files, to Magnum P.I., Jesse Stone, Three Men And A Baby, Blue Bloods; I love them all. It also makes me that much fonder to know that he is a one of the very few conservatives in the entertainment world. Tom Selleck is not someone, however, that I expected to see in a commercial promoting reverse mortgages for AAG. Reverse mortgage pitchmen are usually actors that are... Read more →

Americans are retiring in foreign countries for access to low cost health care, inexpensive housing, and a lifestyle more than double what they have in the United States. The trend has even caught fire with younger people (known as digital nomads) that are making their living online and traveling the world. Jason Holland, an editor with International Living joins Jim to discuss the latest trends among expats, including overlooked destinations such as Peru, Dominican Republic, Roatan, Bolivia, Colombia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Also discussed on this episode is retiring to Mexico and Ecuador. Read more →

Years ago we had what I called a 'family bank' at our house. It took many forms, but most often it was some kind of a mason jar that I dumped my spare change into at the end of each day. The money would build up into a surprisingly hefty sum after only two to three months. My children used to watch the jar filling up, and when the time seemed right they would say, 'Hey, Dad can we cash in the family bank?' When that day came, we would dump out all of the coins into a plastic bag... Read more →

International Living editors, Dan Prescher and Susan Haskins, join Jim Paris Live to discuss how Americans can live abroad for pennies on the dollar. What are the lowest countries to live in? What are the safest countries? How to do your research to select your country, how to generate an income living overseas, what are the legal issues involved with living in a foreign country, and more. Read more →

ChristianMoneyPlus Member's Only Podcast Is Produced Two Times Per Month. Due to the collapse in oil prices, the price of gas is now well under $2 in most states. What is good news for the masses, is bad news for people working in the oil business. In fact, America's boom towns are quickly becoming bust towns. On this episode, Jim and Bob discuss three states hurt most by the oil collapse, and homes for sale in two of these states for under $50,000. Also on this episode, the exploding opportunity of becoming a firearms instructor, and can you build a... Read more →

When it comes to filing for Social Security, there’s much more to consider than most people tend to realize. Did you know that you can see as much as 32 percent more in a monthly benefit if you are able to delay collecting from age 66 to age 70? Are you familiar with the strategy of file and suspend? File and suspend can be a great strategy for an older married couple that would like to both put off receiving some of their benefits in return for an eventual higher payout, but also begin receiving some money now. With file... Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large No surprise here, but confirmation of what most of us suspected, nonetheless: younger members of the workforce today are facing bleak retirement prospects. According to a new study of the world’s richest economies, there will be just a small number of countries capable of paying out pension benefits anything close to those doled out presently. Europe has long maintained a tradition of having more time to “stop and smell the roses,” when it comes to work culture. Copious amounts of time away from work, as well as generous pensions paid out to... Read more →

On this episode – What is Periscope and how is this new app helping people to build a following online? Are disagreements on the rise over inheritances? What you can do to leave an estate without a family fight. Obamacare enrollment is open, but many have sticker shock when considering the new premiums – what are your options? This is our member's only podcast. To become a member and support our work, Click Here. If you are already a member, you can access the podcast by Clicking Here. Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large Financial advisors are often asked by their clients when they should begin taking Social Security. As you may know, you can begin taking it as early as age 62, but if you do, you will receive diminished benefits compared to if you waited – you roughly lose seven percent for each year before age 66 that you begin withdrawals (and, conversely, you gain about 7 percent for each year over 66 that you wait to start accessing your benefits, up to age 70, which is latest you can wait to begin taking... Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large We are a sue-happy nation. Some (lawyers, mostly) would tell you that it’s a sign of a more evolved system of justice that it is now possible for people to seek civil redress as easily as they can through the court system, but most of us accept that notion with at least a few grains of salt; even though there are all kinds of sound, legitimate reasons for which people sue others each day, the ease with which people can file a lawsuit in America has also allowed for an approach by... Read more →

The Coming Collapse Of America's Pension System

In his book, California Dreaming, Dr. Lawrence McQuillan outlines the problem and potential solutions to America's burgeoning pension crisis. Nationwide, there is almost a $5 trillion dollar shortfall in funding of government pensions. Although his book focuses primarily on California, he also makes the point that this same crisis is about to happen in multiple other states. This is not a distant problem, but is a present day crisis as cities like Chicago are already facing a collapse of their pension system. Much of the problem stems from a lack of honest accounting on the part of politicians, but bloated... Read more →

One Year After The Death Of Michael Brown

On this episode Jim discusses the reality that little or no progress has been made in race relations or how the public views the police, one year after the death of Michael Brown. Should Michael Brown be given the same tribute as slain civil rights leaders? Does he deserve a memorial plaque and marker on the sidewalk where he was shot? The life and death of sportscaster and NFL star Frank Gifford. How to get the maximum from Social Security. Houston nearing bankruptcy, and Netflix to give new parents one year of paid leave. Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large Who knows for how long Social Security will be with us, but for however long that is, it is incumbent upon you to make the best decisions you can on behalf of your SS benefits, so that you may be in the most secure financial position possible. The reality is that Social Security is not a one-size-fits-all program, characterized by a simple process into which one need not put much thought. It’s not as though there’s a bunch of different options, but there is an important handful, and not intimately familiarizing yourself... Read more →

On this episode of the ChristianMoneyPlus member podcast Jim Paris and Bob Yetman discuss the money saving benefits of babysitting co-ops, the reality that many older Americans are entering retirement with significant education debt, how to buy Bitcoin through a stockbroker and even in your IRA, and is it now tougher to get a job as you get older? Go To Podcast Helping you make the most of God's money! James L. Paris Editor-In-Chief Follow Me on Twitter Christian Financial Advice Jim Paris 24 Hour Radio Read more →