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After being acquitted the news is Trump is ready to make some major moves. The rumors are that he is planning to go on a nationwide tour to address his supporters and to put a spotlight on Republicans that betrayed him during impeachment. Trump lawyer says he has received over 100 death threats and his home has been vandalized, he and his family are now in hiding. Twitter confirms that Trump is permanently banned even if he should run again in 2024, Biden officially ends funding of the wall as waves of illegal immigrants come across the border, Biden now... Read more →

How Trump's lawyers plan to use the Democrats' own words against them in the impeachment trial. Disaster of biblical proportions coming as Biden opens up the border to mass caravans from Central America. After two agents are killed, Biden fails to offer full throated support of the men and the women of the FBI. NY Democrat sues claiming voting machine errors and how Florida Governor Ron Desantis is going after social media companies. Read more →

In the ultimate reversal of fortune, have liberals given Trump the perfect forum to present evidence of election irregularities? Biden's flurry of executive orders includes funding abortion overseas, mass caravans making their way to our southern border, the insanity of a $15 minimum wage, retail investors make millions with GameStop short squeeze, and live calls. Read more →

After signing dozens of executive orders, President Biden confirms he is not a moderate but as far left as anyone we have ever seen in the Oval Office. Biden has the U.S. on track to rejoin the WHO, The Paris Climate Accord, reverses Trump's order on transgenders in the military, shuts down the XL Pipeline, and even proposes that people afraid of getting Covid can quit their jobs and get unemployment. He is also considering proposal that would tax you for every mile that you drive your car - and this is just week one. That whole theory about Democrat... Read more →

Scientology blogger Tony Ortega joins Jim Paris Live. Does Scientology approve of the Tom Cruise profanity laden meltdown that was recently in the news? Is Tom Cruise officially living in Clearwater Florida now? Locals say that this high-rise condo is finished and has dozens of security cameras monitoring the exterior. The latest on the trial of Danny Masterson, and how Scientology events have been affected by Covid. Also, some interesting insights on Scientologists John Travolta and Lisa Marie Presley, and has infomercial guru Kevin Trudeau joined Scientology? Read more →

On this episode Jim predicts there will be no impeachment trial and the reasons why. What will Biden do when the mass caravan from Central America arrives at our southern border? What executive orders are expected on day one from Biden, why Jim believes that Trump may have more power and impact out of office, the latest tactic in deplatforming means you can not have rent meeting space if you are a Trump follower, and open lines from across the country as listeners share their own views. Read more →

Bible prophecy expert, LA Marzulli, discusses current events and the movement to deplatform supporters of Trump and conservative politics. Will the Antichrist use such methods to punish people that refuse to take the Mark Of The Beast? What will Trump do in his final days in office? What will Biden and his followers do to Trump supporters and conservative voices when they take power? Read more →

On this episode Jim discusses the shocking events that have taken Twitter alternative Parler offline. How Parler faced being banned from both Apple and Google app stores and lost its Amazon hosting all within 24. hours. Is this truly the end of free speech when tech giants can deplatform anyone they choose? Jim also discusses the increased strict enforcement on social media and why this show may soon come to an end. Biden and his followers seem to have no interest in bringing people together and healing the nation. What exactly did Trump say that supposedly cause the incursion on... Read more →

Jim discusses the Georgia run-off election and the January 6th certification of the Electoral College and massive 'Stop The Steal' protest planned for the same day. The Washington Post releases recording of Trump speaking with Brad Raffensperger claiming the president was attempting to rig Georgia election figures, Dinesh D'Souza has an interesting take on Joe Biden's demeanor election night, and is a collapse of the stock market and Bitcoin coming? Read more →

Celtic salt discussed at 32:00 Nutritional pharmacist and health expert Ben Fuchs joins Jim Paris Live. On this episode, do New Year's Resolutions work? Can you be healthy on a vegetarian diet? What should you drink first thing in the morning? How your skin could be warning you about serious underlying medical issues, all the fitness gear you need just $20, and why a mini trampoline can be an incredible tool to improve your lymphatic system. Ben's website Read more →

How will we know the identity of the Antichrist? What events will happen before the rapture? How close are we to the end times as describe in the book of Revelation? What is the difference between the 'spirit of Antichrist' and the Antichrist himself? Was the spirit of the Antichrist in Adolf Hitler? What role will China and Russia play in end times prophecy? Will Christians be around during the Great Tribulation? Are we already experiencing a precursor to the Mark Of The Beast? A fascinating discussion with Bible prophecy expert and author Terry James. Read more →

At least one member of the House will challenge the Electoral College vote on Jan 6. Rep Matt Gaetz of Florida says he will raise an objection to the final Electoral College vote count in several disputed states. A stimulus bill may be in the works, checks could go out in the next couple of weeks. Social media warns that they will censor conspiracy theories and inaccurate information about the Covid-19 vaccine. The federal government says that your employer can require you to take the vaccine as a condition of employment, and Dr. Deborah Birx is the latest elite hypocrite... Read more →

People are really hurting and yet there does not appear to be a stimulus check on the horizon. The disagreement centers on the amount financial aid for state and local governments. Democrats will agree to another round of stimulus checks for Americans if Republicans go along with a large bailout package for cities and states. Threading the needle is difficult, as many blue states are suffering from significant historical financial shortfalls. Republicans will not support any bailout package attempting to exploit the crisis to pay for pre-pandemic deficits. So, for now, there appears to be an impasse on stimulus checks... Read more →

On this episode Jim discusses the Hunter Biden investigation. How long has the FBI had the Hunter Biden laptop? Some reports say at least a year now - why didn't disclose this during the impeachment trial of President Trump? Why would Attorney General Bill Barr hide the Hunter Biden investigation from President Trump? Is it true that a Grand Jury was empaneled in 2018 to investigate Hunter Biden? The alleged crimes of Hunter Biden include much more than just tax evasion - money laundering, and illegal foreign lobbying. Documents have been subpoenaed from more than two dozen business entities associated... Read more →

Guest author, Derek Gilbert, discusses the coming vaccine, the Mark Of The Beast, And The Great Financial Reset. Gilbert also discusses the identity of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, the link between the fallen angels of Genesis and the Titans of Greek mythology, and the connections between Babel, Babylon, and what’s in your wallet. Derek Gilberts new book is Giants, Gods, and Dragons: Exposing the Fallen Realm and the Plot to Ignite the Final War of the Ages available on Amazon Giants, . Read more →