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On this episode Jim discusses the latest news on Coronavirus with a special focus on bizarre arrests of people nationwide for allegedly violating the lockdown. When will you get your stimulus check and what you need to know of the new IRS portal, why are there still cheap flights (or any flights) from the hotspot of New York City to Florida? and the growing realization that many of us have probably already had Coronavirus but are not allowed to say that on social media. Read more →

The surgeon general predicts that this week will be our 'Pearl Harbor' as the Coronavirus pandemic is expected to reach its peak in the United States. Jim believes the government should now shift to a regional response focusing on the hotspots and relax restrictions in the rest of the nation. Why some people won't get their stimulus checks until September, Joe Biden says that the August Democratic convention may be virtual, despite social distancing restrictions, Amtrak, Greyhound, and commercial flights operate as usual, even if you think you have already had the Coronavirus earlier in the season you can't post... Read more →

Jim welcomes back pastor and author Carl Gallups to discuss his new book, Masquerade. What do we make of the worldwide lockdown from Coronavirus? Could this be a dress rehearsal for the antichrist? Are we in the tribulation? What should Christians do as we approach the end days? Is Coronavirus being hyped as a tool to control the masses? What does the Bible say about pandemics and prophetic events? Think of the young people who are being raised during our own prophetic times. Consider the institutions of education, entertainment, “science,” information and communication technology, and even “the church,” that have... Read more →

Dr. Anthnoy Fauci predicts that millions will be infected in the U.S. and 100,000 to 200,000 will die, but can we trust these estimates and why do they keep getting larger? New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announces a 90-day grace period on mortgage payments, trillions in aid approved and trillions more coming - but how will we pay for this?, will the nation literally stay shutdown until the end of April? and both Liberty University and a Florida mega church stay open, is this responsible? Read more →

Jim welcomes to the broadcast Alex Ugorji, founder of Crypto Frontier. Crypto Frontier is a movement to bring cryptocurrency focused businesses to the U.S. Northern Mariana Islands. On this episode Alex shares the remarkably low cost of living in the Mariana Islands, what it is like to live there, and the unique tax arrangement as a territory of the United States. He also shares his vision for creating a cluster of cryptocurrency focused businesses and entrepreneurs in the largest of the islands, Saipan. Read more →

Jim shares the hard numbers of the Coronavirus and says that the government response has gone beyond overboard. Closing down the entire U.S. economy makes no sense based on the number of deaths. To make matters worse, states like Florida that have minimal cases are being pressured to follow what is being done in states that are hotbeds for Coronavirus. Jim breaks down the numbers and shares his view that the government response is worse than Coronavirus itself. Read more →

Dr. Elaina George joins Jim Paris Live to discuss what you can do now about the Coronavirus. What steps you can take to stay safe and reduce the odds that you will contract it, what supplements will boost your immune system, which is better hand washing or hand sanitizer?, will warm weather shorten the spread of Coronavirus?, how many weeks or months could this last?, why young people should still be concerned about exposure, and what to do if you begin to have Coronavirus symptoms. Read more →

On this episode - Governors of Illinois and Ohio order the closing of all restaurants and bars, food is running out due to panic buying, is Rush Limbaugh fueling conspiracy theories about Coronavirus?, what will happen next for stocks and cryptocurrency, why banks are not lowering mortgage rates any further, and are we about to see all out martial law? Read more →

On this episode - New York Attorney General orders TV evangelist Jim Bakker to stop promoting a nutritional supplement as a 'cure' for Coronavirus. U.S. State Department warns people not to go on cruises, did the White House overrule its own experts that wanted to warn senior citizens not to fly?, financial markets continue to be spooked as 10 year treasury hits record low and Wall Street braces for down open on Monday, Hunter Biden facing contempt of court charges this week, and the story of an Illinois woman that could lose her home due to skyrocketing property taxes. Read more →

“This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous. My husband is planning ‘an accident’ in my car, brake failure and serious head injury in order to make the path clear for him to marry.” —Letter written by Princess Diana, late 1996 It is a moment that remains frozen in history. When the Mercedes carrying Diana, Princess of Wales, spun fatally out of control in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris in August 1997, the world was shocked by what appeared to be a terrible accident. But two decades later, the circumstances surrounding what really happened that night—and,... Read more →

Bible prophecy expert LA Marzulli joins Jim Paris Live. On this episode - the Coronavirus and Bible prophecy. Are locusts and earthquakes warnings and precursors to the second coming of Christ? How do we interpret modern day events within the context of Bible prophecy? Why are so many Christians and churches ignoring these signs of the end of days? Read more →

Trump makes history at the Daytona 500 taking a lap with the Presidential Limousine, a Bloomberg- Hillary ticket?, Roger Stone's sentencing scheduled for Thursday, Andrew McCabe will not be prosecuted for lying to the FBI, Bitcoin pierces $10,000 what is next for crypto?, and dozens of Americans diagnosed with Coronavirus on cruise ship near Japan. Read more →

In this four hour special Jim shares the most riveting interviews of the last five years involving serial killers. This episode includes discussions of Ted Bundy, Jack The Ripper, The Golden State Killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, Gary Ridgway, and more. Authors interviewed include Stephen Michaud, Peter Vronsky, Keith Komos, Randy Williams, and Kevin Sullivan. Read more →