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Jim discusses the state of the U.S. economy and why he believes a major collapse of the economy and the stock market is on the horizon. The United States national debt is more than $27 trillion dollars, millions of Americans have not paid a rent or mortgage payment since March, with the continued lockdowns millions of small businesses have closed and will never reopen, industries like airlines, cruise lines, hotels, restaurants, may not see a recover for ten years or longer. What you can do now to protect your finances and survive the coming financial meltdown. Read more →

Former CIA Agent and author of Mukhabarat, Baby! My Life as a Wartime Spy for the CIA, Eric Burkhart, joins Jim Paris Live. Burkhart shares his opinion about the allegation of a rigged election, can the voting software really switch votes?, what he thinks Trump will do next, and fascinating insight into the possible origins of the Coronavirus and why China has escaped the real criticism it deserves. Read more →

Jim discusses the latest news on the 2020 disputed election, including the breaking news that Sidney Powell is no longer officially part of the Trump legal team. Major litigation to begin this week in several battleground states and Powell is still involved (although not as an attorney for Trump's campaign or for him personally). Trump continues to lose support from Republicans - Chris Christie said over the weekend that Trump’s Legal Team Has Been a ‘National Embarrassment.’ What is happening with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency? Jim shares the exciting news about the future price of Bitcoin and his second favorite crypto,... Read more →

Bible prophecy expert and YouTube influencer, Pastor Paul Begley, joins Jim Paris Live to discuss the disputed election and the spiritual implications. Why this is so much bigger than a political contest and why it is a literal battle between good and evil. How violent with things get if Trump ultimately wins the election? Are events lining up for the coming Mark Of The Beast? and why the next several days may be the most exciting of our lifetime. Read more →

A weekend of violence in the streets of Washington, D.C. as the left follows through on their promise to punish Trump supporters. From blacklisting anyone that has worked for the Trump campaign or administration, to law firms that have represented Trump, a blacklist is being compiled. Diners in D.C. restaurants were forced to raise a fist in solidarity or be physically assaulted. BLM even used fireworks as weapons against diners that refused to raise a fist. Major revelations expected this week about how the election may have been stolen through the election software. Sydney Powell and Rudy Giuliani have made... Read more →

Updated vote counts are showing a razor thin margin between Trump and BIden in key battleground states. New evidence is also pointing to the potential of widespread voter fraud. Jim discusses the latest on the election count, where we go from here, and how Trump may still be in this. Jim also discusses the shifting landscape of cable news and social media and why there is a sudden mass exodus from Fox News, Twitter, and Facebook. Read more →

Scientology investigative blogger Tony Ortega joins Jim Paris Live. Ortega shares an update on the Danny Masterson trial, the news of Leah Remini's show debuting on Netflix, a multi-million dollar fraud perpetrated by a major Scientology donor, and a bombshell news report from Australia about Tom Cruise and Scientology. Read more →

Jim shares what to expect on Tuesday night and the balance of this election week. How the media coverage will change, why no winner will likely be announced by the media, why we might not have an official winner for several days, how social media plans to block either side from claiming victory, and the latest on the boom in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Read more →

On this episode Jim discusses why the polls could be wrong again in 2020. How can Trump be so far behind in the polls when he is drawing such large crowds compared to Biden? Jim discusses anecdotal evidence that Trump may be headed for another surprise win. Also, why are so many people on edge and preparing for civil unrest? If the election is contested will there be violence, is America headed for a civil war? And social media platforms warning about plans to block posts claiming victory until results are official. Read more →

Filmmaker LA Marzulli joins Jim Paris Live. Marzulli predicts, not just a Trump win, but a 'red wave.' He says that in the 45 years he has lived in southern California that he has never seen anything like the huge rallies taking place in support of Trump. He says he does not believe the polls are accurate and he expects Trump to win in a landslide. He later discusses his upcoming movie which investigates the origins and mystery of the elongated skulls he discovered in South America. Are these the remains of the Nephilim? Marzulli discusses forensic and DNA results... Read more →

On April 3, 1996, a team of FBI agents closed in on an isolated cabin in remote Montana, marking the end of the longest and most expensive investigation in FBI history. The cabin's lone inhabitant was a former mathematics prodigy and professor who had abandoned society decades earlier. Few people knew his name, Theodore Kaczynski, but everyone knew the mayhem and death associated with his nickname: the Unabomber. For two decades, Kaczynski had masterminded a campaign of random terror, killing and maiming innocent people through bombs sent in untraceable packages. The FBI task force charged with finding the perpetrator of... Read more →

On this episode - The polls begin to tighten as the BIden campaign warns supporters that Trump can still win. The gamechanger is Hunter Biden's laptop. The laptop contains thousands of messages and images, raising more questions about the Biden's entanglement with Burisma and China. The laptop also allegedly contains e mails proving that there was a 50/50 split arrangement between Hunter and Joe Biden. The bigger question is why the FBI has not shared this information with the White House after reports suggest that they have had the laptop since December of 2019. The existence of these e mails... Read more →

Jim shares the shocking censorship that is happening on behalf of China and virtually all the major social media platforms are involved. Are the polls predicting a Biden win an attempt to reduce turnout for Trump? Biden says chicanery at the polls is the only way he can lose - who can’t accept the election results? Are you preparing for civil unrest if the election is contested? Focus group in Michigan, vote for Trump because they don’t think that BIden will make it all 4 years and they don’t like Kamala. Buzz grows around Cuomo as Biden's attorney general pick,... Read more →

Bible prophecy expert and YouTube sensation Pastor Paul Begley joins Jim Paris Live. Pastor Paul discusses the upcoming election, confirmation hearings of Amy Coney Barrett, the possibility of civil unrest if the election is contested, how world governments are using the Covid 19 pandemic to put in place controls that are a precursor to the Mark Of The Beast, packing the Supreme Court, and the real danger of a Biden presidency. Read more →