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101 Weird Ways To Make Money (James L. Paris) Author Steve Gillman joins Jim Paris Live to discuss his book, 101 Weird Ways To Make Money. Steve shares some of the most unusual money making opportunities you can imagine, including making money as a bounty hunter, cricket farmer, judgment broker, freelance article writer, and much more. Read more →

My Disagreements About Money With My Husband Are Leading To The End of My Marriage, Any Advice?

Jim, I thought I had a good marriage and we seem to get along about most things except money. We constantly disagree about money and we are at a point where the word divorce is starting to come up, any advice? I have received this question many times over the years and it is a tough one. What I have learned in talking with couples that have disagreements over money is that they do not have a financial plan. If both spouses sit down with a financial planner or financial counselor and come to an agreement on a plan, there... Read more →