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Is it that we’re so impressed with professional athletes who have such a good financial head on their shoulders because those folks just seem so rare? That assessment of their relative numbers may not be accurate, but it does seem that whenever we do hear about pro athletes and money – outside of when they sign their enormous contracts – it’s not good. Those that do “get it” are absolutely out there, however. We wrote about one, Ryan Broyles, not terribly long ago, and are pleased to highlight another: Nnamdi Asomugha. Asomugha is actually a former player in the league,... Read more →

Every year does an article on seasonal job openings. We have found that many of our readers have a great deal of interest in seasonal positions. First, everyone needs extra money around the holidays. Secondly, those that work in retail enjoy employee discounts at just the perfect time for the gift giving season. Lastly, many of these seasonal jobs can become regular ongoing part time or even full time jobs. We have also expanded our coverage to include work from home seasonal jobs. Our local Target has the above flyers displayed at each checkout lane and even a special... Read more →

On this video, Jim discusses what he calls 'Profit Surfing.' This is a training that was previously only available to subscribers but it has become so popular that we are releasing it publicly. In the training you will learn how to make money online by simply promoting other people's products and services through affiliate marketing. Read more →

Well, one thing you may or may not know about me is that I am a dog person. I love dogs, have always had a dog, and presently have two dogs. As my kids have grown up and moved out, our dogs have become like children to my wife and I. Yep, I always said I would never be 'that guy' that made his dogs his children, but here I am. This is a picture below of my wife and I with our two dogs on a recent walk we took them on at our beach. So back to the... Read more →

More and more people are working from home, and not just as freelancers. Many large and well known names are building their workforce with home based remote employees. saw another news article this week about U-Haul hiring home based customer service reps nationwide. Here are some of the details - Benefits include a 401(K) and a stock ownership plan (no medical insurance provided) Schedule is for up to 25 hours per week Summer seasonal work available Minimum age 16 A number of fairly standard Internet and computer requirements are expected View The Full Job Listing Here A couple of... Read more →

In recent years, it seems like the most popular part time gig is so called ride sharing. The leader in this niche is Uber. Ride sharing offers a more affordable alternative to taxis, and a robust part time opportunity for drivers. Uber drivers will tell you, however, that they are not always dealing with the most pleasant and courteous passengers. One story you will hear frequently is that of disrespectful passengers, and some that are even drunk. If an inebriated passenger throwing up in your car is not bad enough, there is the unknown risk associated with picking up total... Read more →

At Christian Money, we focus on making money, saving money, and avoiding scams. This week, I will be writing about a new and very interesting topic to me; how to make money being an online juror. If you are someone that enjoys following legal cases, and your favorite TV shows are The People’s Court and Judge Judy, this might be right up your alley. The idea is straightforward enough; lawyers take the facts of a particular legal case and then test them out on a mock jury. This may set the strategy for a trial, or even lead to a... Read more →

Click Here To Listen Online Or Download On this episode Jim shares several tips on how to get an amazing night of sleep. Including aromatherapy, nutritional supplements for sleep, using a 'sleep machine', and more. When making important decisions be careful not to set yourself up with confirmation bias. How Jim is losing weight with the Slow Carb diet, how to deal with dysfunctional family situations, how the martial arts can clear your mind and provide a mental 'reboot.' Read more →

We have done articles over the years highlighting the opportunity of so-called seasonal jobs. These jobs are tied to the increase in shopping and eating out during the holidays. Of course, most people already know about seasonal job openings at UPS and major bricks and mortar retailers. In recent years, however, has become a significant name that has been added to that list. One of the unique side benefits of a seasonal job is that it is not all that unusual for workers in these positions to end up transitioning to full time employees. This time around, I wanted... Read more →

Yesterday I dropped an e mail to nearly 15,000 of our subscribers sharing an article from a year ago about the Amazon Associate affiliate program. I have not done any writing or speaking on affiliate marketing in quite a long time, but the truth is that it represents an ever increasing percentage of my personal income. What we have been learning at is that it is far more efficient for us to do the research, and recommend other people's products rather than always creating our own. The idea behind affiliate marketing is that you share information on products and... Read more →

Jim Discussing This Article On Live Radio In Chicago If you are a regular reader, you are no doubt aware that I have been involved in the world of Internet marketing for several years now. In the beginning, I was utilizing these Internet money-making concepts for the purpose of earning a living from this blog and my website ( In hindsight now, I am realizing that a mistake I have made is not taking more full advantage of the Amazon Associates affiliate program. Yes, I have taught on this opportunity repeatedly in my workshops, but honestly tended to position it... Read more →

On this episode – What is Periscope and how is this new app helping people to build a following online? Are disagreements on the rise over inheritances? What you can do to leave an estate without a family fight. Obamacare enrollment is open, but many have sticker shock when considering the new premiums – what are your options? This is our member's only podcast. To become a member and support our work, Click Here. If you are already a member, you can access the podcast by Clicking Here. Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large Lots of people think about writing books for children, but just don’t know where to begin. When it comes to being a children’s author, the “voice” needed is very different from that in which you speak as a writer of adult books. Additionally, the format, the rhythm of children’s books, can be a little tricky to master, if you’ve historically spent your time thinking, speaking, and writing as an adult (which applies to basically all of us). The fact is that writing isn’t writing, as in, it is all the same -... Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large We talk a lot about the importance of developing multiple streams of income, in this day and age. The economic infrastructure of the United States has changed in such a way that there has become an emerging class of worker who is not entirely full-time, and not entirely part-time. These people have found themselves generating income on the basis of a “patchwork” approach to working. A number of factors beyond their control have conspired to create this situation; among them are substantial constraints now placed by the federal government on businesses, including... Read more →