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Crimes On Cruise Ships Update

Jamie Barnett, President of The International Cruise Victims Association, joins Jim to discuss the death of her own daughter on a cruise ship. Ashley Barnett mysteriously died on a three day Carnival Cruise. Her mother Jamie warns of unknown risks on cruise ships, including stories of rapes, murders, and missing persons. What are your rights when you are on a cruise ship? What legal jurisdiction has authority? If you have a medical emergency will you have access to a qualified doctor? What are the risks of leaving your kids in the care of cruise line employees? How can we change... Read more →

James Woods Blames Al Sharpton For Death Of NYPD Officers On this episode - Actor James Woods blames Al Sharpton for shooting of NYPD officers. Jim shares more on his retail arbitrage strategy, how to buy products offline and sell for double or triple on Amazon. The 844 Area Code Phantom Debt Scam. Sony says it will release The Interview through an alternate channel. Ripple XRP a digital currency similar to Bitcoin jumps 500% in value. Read more →

Airfares So Low, This Website Is Being Sued By Airlines

On this episode - Who knew that is run by atheist liberals? Sylvester Stallone's Social Security number posted online in Sony Pictures hack, Senator Charles Schumer asking the Justice Department to investigate why airfares have not dropped with the price of oil, flea market goes bankrupt after feds discover counterfeit purses, new home security system options, buying things offline and reselling on Amazon at higher prices, and Exodus God and Kings opens to mixed reviews from Christians. Read more →

Do Something - Impeachment Is An Option On this episode Jim unloads on Republicans that say we can't do anything about Obama's Amnesty plan. Bill Cosby rape allegations spiral out of control and now a former NBC employee has proof of pay offs. Fake websites tricking retailers into lowering prices. Buy your own drone for just $400. Is China buying Detroit? Gas prices continue to plummet. Read more →

Reporter Has Computers Hacked By U.S. Government - The Sharyl Attkisson Story

Sharyl Attkisson shares the shocking story of what happened when she tried to uncover the truth about Fast And Furious and Benghazi. She discovered that proprietary software of the U.S. Government was used to hijack her computers. Her computers were even being used to monitor her private conversations in her home. The most shocking story you will ever hear about government corruption and the extent to which the Obama Administration will go to stop the truth from being reported. Read more →

I don't know if you remember the old TV show The Equalizer. I absolutely loved this show. Edward Woodward was perfectly cast as the main character, Robert McCall. The Equalizer was a retired spy that used his background and special skills to help ordinary people get justice (when the authorities were of no help). By the way, if you missed it, the movie version starring Denzel Washington came out just a few weeks ago. The movie version was a bit more violent than the TV show (see trailer below). You have to love The Equalizer because he was ready, willing,... Read more →

Bill Cosby Rape Allegations Resurface On this episode - Jim shares how a group of women are using babies in their panhandling scam in New York. Bill Cosby rape allegations surface again and Cosby is not handling the situation very well. Beware of shady characters asking for donations at the entrance of local retailers this holiday season. Ferguson MO Grand Jury set to announce its decision this week. How people are making money buying items offline and reselling them on What surprising item is in high demand on If you plan to collect on your vehicle warranty, you have to keep up... Read more →

Embezzler's Pocket $28,000 For Each Month Of Prison

On this episode Jim discusses the shockingly light prison sentences for embezzlers. How one embezzler stole $53 million dollars from a small town. A Tulsa pastor embezzles amost $1 million dollars and his church does not fire him. New options with Over The Top TV. Should you take Social Security at 62 or wait? Edward Snowden's privacy tips. Read more →

The term 'Strategic Default' has been coined to reference individuals that decide to 'walk away' from a mortgage obligation. These are people that are hopelessly underwater on their mortgage (owing much more than the value of their home). Although I may be the first to use the term strategic default within the context of credit card debt, the idea of making a conscious decision to default is comparable. I regularly hear of people that have enormous amounts of credit card debt. In fact, I am amazed that in this economy, card issuers are still granting such large credit lines (even... Read more →

Most people remember the stories about Britney Spears public meltdowns, outrageous partying, the shaved head episode, and her widely reported drug problems. The Mickey Mouse Club alumnus turned Hollywood bad girl is now thirty one, and from all appearances she seems to be doing just fine. With her recent season as a judge on the X- Factor, Americans got to see a new grown-up Britney. Oddly enough, despite her professional comeback, a court still considers her incapable of managing her own finances. As a result, she has lost control of her $200 million dollar fortune. Current Issue Of Life &... Read more →

How Corporate America Tracks Your Medical and Banking History

The Medical Information Bureau and ChexSystems are two entities you have likely never heard of. These organizations are tracking your banking and medical history, and it is more important than ever that you gain access to your files. The Medical Information Bureau Think of the MIB as sort of a credit bureau for your medical history. The MIB also falls under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and this means that they have the same responsibility as a credit bureau for maintaining accurate information in your file. The MIB claims to only maintain a file on about 15 to 20 percent... Read more →

It is truly ground breaking law, and I am proud that it is my own cousin Tom Paris making the case. Imagine finding out at the age of sixty that the man you have always known to be your father is not. Add insult to injury when your father's new wife cuts you out of his Will. The case, Dehart v. Dehart, went all the way to the Illinois Supreme Court, and after six years the adopted son wins the right to challenge his father's second wife in court over the estate. The case reads like a novel and has... Read more →

New Laws Allows Small Businesses To Sell Stock

Raising capital has historically been a very complicated process filled with legal landmines. As a result, only large companies go through the red tape and legal costs to bring in investors to help finance their ventures. A new law aims to change this and make raising capital easier for small businesses. Imagine that you had 20 friends that each wanted to invest $10,000 in a new business that you planned to launch. With $200,000 of working capital there are a lot of options that you could pursue. You might think that all of this could take place at your kitchen... Read more →

Saving Money In The New World Of Legal Services

A recent article by our Editor-At-Large, Robert Yetman, entitled ‘Law School The Ultimate Con Game’ caught my attention. Bob and I had an interesting discussion last week about his article. We both commented about how much the legal profession has changed and how rarely (for better or worse) many people even use lawyers these days. The idea for this article was hatched as we started to count the ways that people are avoiding traditional visits to lawyers' offices in what we would call the ‘new world of legal services.’ Legal Document Providers Need to draft a simple Will, form an... Read more →