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Why Standard & Poors' Ratings Will Affect Us All

Even those that don’t follow the financial markets daily became fixated this week on the downgrade of the United States' credit rating by Standard & Poor’s. In this week’s article I wanted to answer the question, ‘Who is Standard & Poor’s' and also share with you some some additional forecasts made by this organization. Although not given headlines, these lesser reported forecasts will likely have an enormous impact on us all. Who Is Standard & Poor’s The company, started back in 1860, represents one of the three major financial ratings services (in addition to Moody’s and Fitch). Standard & Poor’s... Read more →

I have been receiving countless e mails about whether or not it makes sense to invest in Iraqi currency. This appears to be especially popular within the Christian community at this time. The Dinar is the Iraqi equivalent of our Dollar. Many Christians have been swept up in the speculation that this is an investment that will offer a windfall in the coming years. As skeptical as I am, I thought it would make sense to do a thorough investigation into this opportunity with an open mind. Investing In Currencies, Does It Ever Make Sense? Investing in currencies is nothing... Read more →

Silver Prices Take A Nose Dive

Jim discusses the death of Osama Bin Laden and reacts to a listener complaint that he was not quick enough to offer credit to President Obama. Silver crashing, now gold, what's next? Jim discusses his upcoming workshop on how to make money authoring e Books. Also, more on real estate lease options. Hosted By James L. Paris Editor-In-Chief of The show is live on Fridays from Noon to 1 pm Eastern Download From iTunes Helping you make the most of God’s money! James L. Paris Editor-In-Chief Follow Me on Twitter Christian Financial Advice Jim Paris 24... Read more →

Man Going To Jail For Creating Silver Coins

In this edition of the program, Jim discusses the conviction of Bernard Von Nothaus for creating his own silver backed currency. Glenn Back parting ways with Fox News. Gold and silver continue to break new records. The radiation from Japan, is it a threat to America? Live calls. Hosted By James L. Paris Editor-In-Chief of The show is live on Fridays from Noon to 1 pm Eastern Download From iTunes Helping you make the most of God’s money! James L. Paris Editor-In-Chief Follow Me on Twitter Christian Financial Advice Jim Paris 24 Hour Radio Read more →

What 18 Million Vacant Homes Mean To You

If you are a homeowner, you may see no downside to 3 or 4 empty houses on your street. Your neighbor lost their home to foreclosure, the bank now owns it, it will clear itself up over time. What difference does that make to you, right? Well, empty houses represent far more than simply neighborhood blight and can translate into real financial losses. I read a news story this week that was rather startling. 13 percent of the homes in America are currently vacant. Think about that for a moment. That means about 1 of every 7 homes is empty.... Read more →

Silver, The Most Precious Metal?

Most people think of gold when considering an investment in precious metals. Silver is many times called 'poor man's gold.' In recent months, however, gold is taking a backseat to silver. Let’s examine some of the reasons. It Takes Less Money To Buy An Ounce Of Silver The cost of an ounce of silver today is just $34. This makes purchasing silver more affordable to the average person. Compare that to $1,400 to buy just one ounce of gold. Silver Is Superior As A Means Of Barter Many people that are purchasing precious metals today are doing so as insurance... Read more →

The Financial Best, Worst, & Most Interesting Of 2010

I guess there can’t be too many best of and worst of lists, so will take a shot at adding our own. While I don’t have an official list to publish, I do have some of my own observations on the world of business and finance for 2010. 1. Best Performing Investment Sector Not surprising, precious metals had another great year thanks to the Fed’s policy of quantitative easing (aka creating money out of thin air). As inflation begins to become a real problem due to the Fed increasing the amount of money in circulation, precious metals are clearly... Read more →

Is Social Security Beginning To Crack?

Since the 1970’s, Social Security recipients have enjoyed a cost of living adjustment each year, except for the last two. Is it a coincidence that this year is also the first time that Social Security will pay out more than it takes in? It is true that over the last two years inflation has been almost non-existent. Measurements of inflation may be misleading, however. The cost of things people buy every day such as gas, food, and medical services have been starting to increase. Every one of the eight major categories that make up the Consumer Price Index is now... Read more →

The New Math Of Retirement Planning

You may count yourself among the millions of Americans that sat down with a financial planner to determine how much you should be saving toward retirement. There is probably no other aspect of financial planning that has come off the rails as significantly as retirement planning. Those saving to build a retirement nest egg are finding the numbers more and more difficult to make sense of. Many already in retirement, are learning it is nearly impossible to live on the earnings from their investment portfolio. The new era of one percent CD’s and a stock market that has been flat... Read more →

Goldline, Glenn Beck, & The California Investigation

Last week, ABC’s investigative reporter Brian Ross broke the story on Nightline that the city attorney of Santa Monica, Ca., in conjunction with the Los Angeles District Attorney's office, are conducting a joint investigation into the business practices of Goldline International. The Santa Monica based Goldline is the subject of more than 100 complaints, according to public reports. The story garnered substantial attention since broadcasters Glenn Beck, Mike Huckabee, Fred Thompson and other high profile conservatives are paid endorsers of the firm. If the California investigation was not enough, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) plans to conduct his own investigation as... Read more →

My State Is Bankrupt, So What?

If you are like me, you probably hear the news on a regular basis about the federal government being broke, trillions of dollars in debt, and hopelessly spending more money that it is taking in. In recent years, many states have begun to find themselves in a similar predicament. There is one big difference; states can not print money like the federal government. The ability to print money will keep Uncle Sam going for a few years even though he is officially broke. Estimates suggest that the federal government may have a total debt of near $20 trillion within the... Read more →

How To Earn Money By Paying Your Neighbor's Past Due Taxes

What investment will pay you 18 percent or more per year on your money? It is called a tax lien (or tax deed), and it is growing in popularity as more traditional investments have fallen flat in recent years. The concept is actually not that complicated. If you own real estate , you realize that each year the value of your property is assessed and then you are sent a property tax bill. The process varies widely, but most states provide a window of time during which you can pay your taxes. In Florida, if we pay real estate taxes... Read more →

Invest In Spiders (SPDRS) To Cash In On New Opportunities

What is a Spider (SPDR)? It is the acronym for S&P 500 Depository Receipts. Spiders are a family of exchange traded mutual funds (ETF) and they derive their name from their first fund, which tracked the S & P 500 Index. With about 75 fund options now, the name has sort of lost its relevance but has stuck with investors. What Is An Exchange Traded Fund? Most people are familiar with the concept of a mutual fund. The idea of an exchange traded fund is similar in many ways. When you buy into an ETF you are purchasing a share... Read more →

Investing In Death? How People Are Cashing In On Life Settlements.

You sit down at breakfast, scan the newspaper, and conclude that there is virtually nothing profitable to invest in these days. You announce to your spouse that you are considering investing in death. Well, the conversation may not go exactly like that, but it may not be that far off. Investors searching for something, anything, that will go up in value, are turning to viatical settlements. Most people are familiar with the availability of buy-outs on life insurance for those with a terminal illness, but the elderly in good health may also be able to sell their life insurance policy... Read more →

Is It Time To Cash In Your Gold Jewelry?

With the price of gold reaching nearly $1000 again, many people are taking a serious look at their jewelry box. There are countless ads on radio and television promoting companies that buy gold. Typically, these companies will purchase anything made of gold since they are going to refine it. The concept is simple; you may have broken, mismatched, or unneeded gold jewelry that can be melted down by a refiner and you get paid cash. We have received quite a few e-mails from people asking the best method to sell their gold. How do they find a reputable company that... Read more →