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I read an article today slamming Christian medical sharing plans. I could not disagree more with this author. Christian medical sharing plans are not for everyone, but they make a whole lot of sense for some people and I am one of them. My wife is a teacher and since I am self employed I historically was added to her insurance as a family member and she paid for that as a payroll deduction. In 2012 we looked at the numbers and they were beyond shocking... As simply a husband being added to her plan the cost would have been... Read more →

Dr. Elaina George returns to the broadcast with incredible advice and strategies to save thousands on medical care and health insurance. How to opt out of Obamacare and use medical sharing plans. Save money with direct pay providers, find the lowest price for medical procedures, the power of insurance supplements like AFLAC, how to negotiate a medical bill, and more! Read more →

Dr. Elaina George joins Jim Paris Live to discuss a wide variety of strategies on ways to save money on healthcare, including - cash only surgical centers, concierge care, medical sharing plans, direct primary care, prescription savings, and more. Dr. Elaina George is the host of the program Medicine On Call on American Web Radio, and author of the book Big Medicine. Read more →

When Donald Trump was running for president, one of his most prominent campaign promises declared that he would “repeal and replace Obamacare.” That may not be happening now. In fact, it seems very likely that while there may be some modifications to the Affordable Care Act, the law itself will remain intact. Trump has actually been saying for some time now that he has every intention of hanging on to two of Obamacare’s most notable provisions – the ability of adult children to remain on their parents’ plans, and the mandate that insurance companies must make coverage available to those... Read more → On this episode Dr. Elaina George joins Jim Paris to discuss her book, Big Medicine. Dr. George shares a myriad of strategies on how to save money on health insurance and medical care including: how to legally opt out of Obamacare (without fines) and join a medical sharing plan, low costs options to cover specific illnesses and accidents, how to get huge discounts when paying cash for medical services, how to comparison shop prescription drugs and even get them for free, how get medical providers to competitively bid on a procedure you need, and new membership programs called 'concierge... Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large UnitedHealth Group CEO Stephen Hemsley has declared that the company made a poor decision when it ventured further this year into the various, state-based, public insurance exchanges that exist largely to serve the Affordable Care Act. UnitedHealth sold coverage on just four exchanges in 2014, but upped that to 24 exchanges for 2015. The larger embrace of the ACA, overall, has caused the company to suffer substantial financial losses this year, significant enough that it has had to adjust its earnings forecast downward. At this point, Hemsley is undecided about whether UnitedHealth... Read more →

On this episode – What is Periscope and how is this new app helping people to build a following online? Are disagreements on the rise over inheritances? What you can do to leave an estate without a family fight. Obamacare enrollment is open, but many have sticker shock when considering the new premiums – what are your options? This is our member's only podcast. To become a member and support our work, Click Here. If you are already a member, you can access the podcast by Clicking Here. Read more →

Jon E Mica, author of The Autistic Holocaust and father of an autistic son, speaks out on the connection between autism and vaccines. Also discussed, the protection from lawsuits that pharmaceutical companies enjoy, special 'vaccine courts' that have paid damage awards in the billions of dollars, and California's new law making vaccines mandatory. Stressing that autism is a major public health crisis of unequaled proportions, this book accuses the federal government of refusing to acknowledge it as such and having a corrupt and morally unsound relationship with “Big Pharma.” Read more →

Greece Becomes Barter Economy For First Time Since Nazi Occupation

Jim discusses the current financial crisis in Greece, how state governments are quietly raising gas taxes to take advantage of the currently low prices, what happened to the business owner that set the minimum salary for all of his employees at $70,000, why recipients of the new $15 dollar minimum wage in Seattle are unhappy, Jeb Bush's plan to replace Medicare with a voucher program, and the death of the daughter of Whitney Houston (Bobbi Kristina Brown). Read more →

As regular readers know, I have been recommending Christian Medical Sharing as an excellent alternative to Obamacare. I made the switch out of traditional health insurance in August of 2012 and have no regrets. I have suggested, however, that it still makes sense to consider other options and to re-shop annually to stay in touch with other options and prices. My son and daughter will now be dropping off my medical sharing plan as of February (my wife has employer provided health insurance). So, with the Obamacare open enrollment window I thought I should go to the website and see... Read more →

The hardest thing about getting things done this time of the year, is that it is THIS TIME OF THE YEAR. With Christmas and New Year's (and all of the related social events), it is the worst season to find the time to sit down and deal with your finances. The problem is, however, that this is prime time for making end of year moves that can have an enormous impact in your financial picture for next year. 5 Smart End Of Year Financial Moves 1. Make a financial contribution to your favorite charity or ministry The great thing about... Read more →

I don't know if you remember the old TV show The Equalizer. I absolutely loved this show. Edward Woodward was perfectly cast as the main character, Robert McCall. The Equalizer was a retired spy that used his background and special skills to help ordinary people get justice (when the authorities were of no help). By the way, if you missed it, the movie version starring Denzel Washington came out just a few weeks ago. The movie version was a bit more violent than the TV show (see trailer below). You have to love The Equalizer because he was ready, willing,... Read more →

A Canadian couple is facing the very real prospect of bankruptcy after an unfortunate set of circumstances has left them with a medical bill just shy of $1 million. Jennifer Huculak was six months pregnant when she was cleared by her doctor to take a one last vacation with her husband before the birth of their child. Jennifer purchased travel insurance from Blue Cross of Canada, and the couple went on their way; however, her water broke while in Hawaii, resulting in an extended hospital stay during which their baby was delivered prematurely. Blue Cross of Canada cited as a... Read more →

Tom Sightings has written a great piece for the online version of U.S. News & World Report that details both retirees’ typically most substantial expenses, as well as some ways to limit each. There’s actually a lot of good information inside of what is a relatively brief piece; to what is surely no one’s surprise, expenses like housing, health care, and taxes make the list. It is, of course, a great idea to limit one’s expenses in retirement whenever possible, but the reality is that many people will find it to be extremely helpful to double their financial power in... Read more →