Click Here To Listen Online Or Download On this episode Jim shares several tips on how to get an amazing night of sleep. Including aromatherapy, nutritional supplements for sleep, using a 'sleep machine', and more. When making important decisions be careful not to set yourself up with confirmation bias. How Jim is losing weight with the Slow Carb diet, how to deal with dysfunctional family situations, how the martial arts can clear your mind and provide a mental 'reboot.' Read more →

Shannon 'The Cannon' Hudson, founder of the worldwide fitness chain 9 Rounds, joins Jim to discuss how he grew his fitness chain to more than 360 locations. Hudson shares his vision of building the largest fitness empire in the world. His concept involves a 27 minute circuit training program that focuses on both cardio and strength building. Hudson's kickboxing circuit training began as a way that he trained his own martial arts students in South Carolina. Hudson is a world champion kickboxer and 5th degree black belt in Karate. Read more →

Dr. Robert Abel, author of The Eye Care Revolution, joins Jim Paris Live to discuss the remarkable breakthroughs taking place in eye care. How a device attached to the tongue is giving sight to the blind, supplements and dietary changes to improve your sight, how to buy glasses for 70% off retail, why diabetes does not have to lead to blindness, tips to improve your vision while driving at night, how computers and texting are affecting our sight, exercises to overcome nearsightedness, the latest on Lasik surgery, and more. Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large Whenever possible, it is a good idea to combine dynamics of self-defense with your fitness training. Fitness, in and of itself, is important, of course. However, in this day and age, it is also prudent to help “steel” yourself to the increasing threat climate that surrounds us all. To that end, heavy bag training can be especially useful, because it is one of the very best ways for someone to develop striking and kicking skills within a solo training environment. The Heavy Bag Blueprint represents basically the “A to Z” of heavy... Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large I’ve written before about the benefits of heavy bag training, and I swear by heavy bag training myself, as it remains, after several decades, a centerpiece of my overall fitness and self-defense regimen. One of the particularly great aspects to heavy bag training is how it fully integrates both fitness and self-defense work; in order to properly engage the heavy bag, you have to strike it and kick it, over and over, with great speed and power. The key to realizing a benefit from your heavy bag training is to apply a... Read more →