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By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large Lots of people think about writing books for children, but just don’t know where to begin. When it comes to being a children’s author, the “voice” needed is very different from that in which you speak as a writer of adult books. Additionally, the format, the rhythm of children’s books, can be a little tricky to master, if you’ve historically spent your time thinking, speaking, and writing as an adult (which applies to basically all of us). The fact is that writing isn’t writing, as in, it is all the same -... Read more → is always on the lookout for new and interesting books on ways to make and save money. Although we have historically marketed our own materials on E-Book marketing and publishing, we found a course that we liked so much that we wanted to share it. In his new book and training program, Jim Edwards has done a really great job of explaining the process of formulating an idea for an eBook and getting it published in as little as one week. Not only does Edwards get into the rudiments of the eBook publishing process, he hits on additional subject... Read more →

We’ve offered our comprehensive ebook writing system, the James L. Paris Online Publishing Course, for a while now, and remain pleased that it continues to be so well-received. Throughout much of recent history, we have been so interested in seeing the information it contains get into the hands of as many interested folks as possible…that we have, in addition to offering the material at what we consider to be very reasonable rates, included bonus gifts that have included Amazon Fire tablets! We’ve been happy to do those things, if they mean seeing more people exposed to the material, as well... Read more →

*** Free Tablet Computer Offer Expires At Midnight Eastern On May 25 Not long ago, Jim Paris and Bob Yetman had the opportunity to co-host a special video training addition to the James L. Paris Online Publishing Course, called The Shortcut Publishing Method: From Idea to Amazon in 2 Weeks! The purpose behind the creation of the material was to help those people who just “know” they have a book inside of them…to see, in detail, just how easy it can be to bring their thoughts into published book form in a short period of time. While the technical aspects... Read more →

We’ve met a lot of folks over the years who’ve said, “I’d like to write a book,” or, “Someday, I’ll write a book,” and if we had a dollar for each time we’ve heard something like that…we’d have a lot of dollars. According to various statistics, over three-quarters of the people walking around would like to write (or at least say they want to write) a book, which means there’s a pretty good chance that you’re in there, somewhere. The two biggest challenges that have traditionally existed in seeing one’s name on the cover of a book are the massive... Read more →

Jim Paris recently mused out loud, “If no one reads your ebook…does it really exist?” While perhaps not as age-old a question as the one about the tree falling in the woods, the subject raised by Jim’s rhetorical query is one that ebook writers must constantly address. The good news about the advent of this new age in book publishing is that it is easier than ever to become a published author; the bad news? It is easier than ever to become a published author. So, how in the world can this greatly-increased ease at becoming published serve as both... Read more →

Some time ago, there was an article published at the website of Entrepreneur Magazine that spoke to the profound issues an earnest young professional experienced at his first job over his inability to write well. In the article, entitled “9 Steps to Becoming a Great Writer,” the author, Steve Tobak, says pointedly that, “…you’ll never get anywhere in life unless you can write,” and further says that the advent of the Internet, with its evolutions and manifestations like social media, email, etc., make the ability to write well more important than ever. While the article is principally focused on the... Read more →

What To Do When You Can't Pay Your Bills It may be one of life's scariest moments. You realize that there are significantly more bills than you have money to pay them with. It might be the result of overspending for months or even years, on the other hand it could simply be the loss of a job and no emergency savings to fall back on. We don't seem to have much to offer people in such predicaments within the Christian community. Consider it tantamount to offering an exercise program or a cholesterol pill to someone having a heart attack.... Read more →

One area that many of us fail to consider as ebook authors is the audience of young readers who, both on their own as well as at the urging of their parents, make up a significant portion of the overall book-buying population. Parents have always been aggressive about having their children learn to read, and as all age groups see a rise, at varying rates, in their purchase of ebooks relative to traditional books, the younger book consuming audience will continue to improve as a prime market for authors. In fact, there is a strong belief on the part of... Read more →

As we enter into another Christmas shopping season, one thing is clear - tablets and E-Readers are taking over the marketplace. With costs coming down, the tablet computer has become ubiquitous. Who doesn't have a tablet computer these days? The other interesting development is to watch how the Amazon Kindle has morphed into a fully functional tablet itself. Fast quad-core processor up to 1.5 GHz—2x the speed and over 3x the graphics performance of previous generation Fire HD for quicker apps and smooth videos Beautiful 6" HD display—Crisp, vivid HD display (252 ppi / 1280x800) with over a million pixels—perfect... Read more →

Digital Book World’s latest bestseller list reveals that there are five self-published ebooks among the top 15, with three of those having recently ascended into the top 10. These authors are fighting it out with such renowned names as James Patterson, Clive Cussler, Bill O’Reilly, and John Grisham for their spots atop the list. Is there a bestselling ebook lurking inside your brain right now, just waiting to be written? There may well be, but the prospect of enjoying chart-topping sales is by no means the only reason to get started in the world of ebooks; the fact is that... Read more →

For those of you that have been involved with our recent workshop on how to quickly write an eBook, you will remember the backstory I shared about our little eBook, Credit Scoring Secrets. For those that missed it, this is a short eBook that is only 33 pages. The irony for us is that we never thought that this tiny eBook would turn out to be such a BIG success. As you can see below, this book is now #10 in Budgeting, #13 in Credit Ratings and Credit Repair, and #26 in Kindle Short Reads (One Hour) Business And Money.... Read more →

I am very excited about our new two hour video, 'The Shortcut Publishing Method.' I embarked on this topic a bit backwards. I filmed a two hour video first, and am now in the process of writing the ebook version. Of course, it is always smart to make available content in different formats. In this case, however, I have a feeling that the video will be especially popular. One of the distinct advantages of the video is screen sharing. This allows me to really 'show' students while we are explaining these new concepts. Just one example; I took a few... Read more →