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Jim discusses what could happen if corporations continue to buy up all of the single family homes, a New York pension fund has $300 million frozen in the Moscow stock market, a review of the movie Infinite Storm, Elon Musk's greatest fear, and airlines join forces to fight the continued mask mandate. Read more →

As a federal prosecutor and the daughter of an FBI agent, Wiehl has an inside perspective. She brings her experience and the ingrained lessons of her upraising to bear on her remarkable exploration of the case, interviewing numerous FBI and CIA agents both past and present as well as the individuals closest to Hanssen. She speaks with his brother-in-law, his oldest and best friend, and even his psychiatrist. In all her conversations, Wiehl is trying to figure out how he did it—and at what cost. But she also pursues questions urgently relevant to our national security today. Could there be... Read more →

If you are like me, you do a lot of your shopping on Even though the prices are generally competitive, I have discovered a few hacks that can make the deals even sweeter. Here are my five strategies. #1 Coupons The other day I was considering a purchase and did not go through with it. A few hours later I went back to take another look at the item and there was a coupon this time for 50 percent off! Not sure why the coupon appeared, but I will take my 50 percent discount thank you very much. I... Read more →