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My Five Best Amazon Hacks For Deals, And Even Free Products

If you are like me, you do a lot of your shopping on Even though the prices are generally competitive, I have discovered a few hacks that can make the deals even sweeter. Here are my five strategies.

#1 Coupons

The other day I was considering a purchase and did not go through with it. A few hours later I went back to take another look at the item and there was a coupon this time for 50 percent off! Not sure why the coupon appeared, but I will take my 50 percent discount thank you very much. I started wondering about these coupons and if there was a way to proactively find them and not simply wait for them to magically appear. I discovered, and there you will find all of the the presently available coupons listed by category.


#2 Amazon Warehouse

What happens when a product is returned to Amazon? It ends up at the Amazon Warehouse where it gets listed for sale at a discount, for typically nothing more than damaged packaging. Sometimes Amazon Warehouse deals will be listed below a main listing, but not always. This is why it is important to always to do a Google search for Amazon Warehouse. Once you get to the site do a quick search for massive discounts as much as 50 percent off. 

#3 Snagshout

Snagshout is a promotions site that is designed to help sellers get more visibility for their products and more reviews. It is free to sign up and take part in the promotions. This includes access to very deep discounts on products being promoted and some items are even free!

#4 Invisible Hand App

Amazon doesn't always have the best deal, which is why it is smart to install the the Invisible Hand app in your Chrome browser. Simply shop Amazon as usual and the app will alert you if a better deal is available on another site.

#5 Earn Amazon Credit For Slower Shipping

Pay close attention at checkout and consider agreeing to slower shipping. Each time you do this, you will receive at least $1 credit that you can use on another order. 

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