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If you are a regular listener to my radio show, you no doubt have heard me mention my landline service called OOMA. It is a simple solution to the need for a landline in the home or even in a business. I am well aware that many people no longer have a landline, but a recent survey of my followers on Facebook revealed that more than 50 percent still do. Based on the monthly cost of a landline in my area, I have now saved a grand total of $5,491 since I became an OOMA customer in May of 2010.OOMA saves you money because there is just a one time cost to purchase the box and there no monthly fees. (I do pay about $4 monthly in taxes - yep, the government taxes a free phone). 


How Does It Work?

OOMA is a small box that connects directly to your Internet router and then to your standard home phone. Once connected, your calls will take place as normal. You can get all of the details from their Amazon listing, which makes the OOMA available presently for about $71 (one time cost) - Click Here.  

The three biggest questions I get about OOMA are line quality,  911 emergency calls, and whether or not a person can keep the same phone number. I can honestly tell you that the line quality is as good or better than any landline phone I have had.  I use this line often for radio interviews and regularly receive great feedback about the quality from show producers. The issue of 911 is certainly important, and that is one of the reasons many people keep a landline these days. When you initially set up your service you will be prompted to enter your device address location. Once this has been done, any call to 911 will provide this address to emergency responders. Lastly, you can keep the same home phone number you have now by transferring it to your OOMA account.

OOMA includes unlimited long distance calls in the United States and affordable rates for international calls, including a $17.95 monthly unlimited world calling plan. 

Helping you make the most of God’s money!

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