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More Than 100 Freebies On Your Birthday!

There may be nothing greater on your birthday than all of those Facebook birthday wishes, except...  free food! For years, I have reveled in getting as many free meals as possible on and around my birthday each year. The Penny Hoarder just published an article listing more than 100 birthday freebies. I wanted to hit this topic again with a bit of an update as the pilgrimage for free birthday meals has evolved over the years.


In recent years, most birthday freebies now require that you join a free loyalty club and download an app. These so-called loyalty clubs are free to join and take just a minute to register for. In the "old days" most birthday meals only required that you show up with a drivers license to prove it was your birthday. Birthday freebies today require that you download an app and register at least 2 to 4 weeks before your actual birthday. What this means is that you have to do a little bit of preplanning. You cannot simply wake up on the day of your birthday and go out looking for your free meals. Take Denny's for example, one of the most popular birthday meal freebies. In the past you could simply walk into a Denny's on your birthday, pull out your drivers license, and have your free Grand Slam Breakfast. Some smart person in Denny's marketing department decided that a better approach would be to require you to download the app to your phone and register. This way they can send you messages all throughout the year about coming back to Denny's, not just for your birthday freebie. This approach has pretty much become the norm. In the case of Denny's, and most of the restaurants I get freebies from, there is usually at least a two week cut off prior to your birthday. To make sure you qualify for all your freebies is a good idea to start planning about 4 to 6 weeks in advance.

Another interesting note on all of this, is that there are more than just free meals. Retail stores such as Best Buy, Ace Hardware, Kohl's, and world market, offer customers gifts and discounts on their birthday. Even the movie chains are getting in on it. Many of the major movie chains will set you up with a free bucket of popcorn and a soda on your birthday. It is a good idea to start asking a few weeks before your birthday what freebies might be available at places you normally frequent.

One last note - most free birthday meals are available for a window of about a week. So, if you plan things out right you can have free meals for several days. No, you don't have to gorge yourself with your twenty free meals on just the actual day of your birthday! 

Happy birthday! Helping you make the most of God’s money!

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