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Just when I thought I had discovered every possible way to save money on travel, a new website came to my attention. RoomSteals is an ingenious idea that offers travelers the ability to buy hotel rooms at wholesale. I think we all instinctively know that when we purchase a hotel room through one of the major booking sites that there is a profit for the booking portal (almost always a 20 to 25% commission). What if you could get the wholesale rate and save the difference? 

Instead of earning a commission on each and every booking, RoomSteals charges an annual membership fee of $95 and then passes along the wholesale prices directly to consumers. They also have an incredible app that can be added to the Google Chrome browser. If you normally shop out your hotels on,, Google Hotels, or Expedia, the app will pop-up and show you the price savings (see example below). 


Another thing I really like about RoomSteals is that they will let you access the platform for free to kick the tires. Of course, before you can book your first deal you must become a member and pay the annual fee. I love this idea and especially the Google Chrome app.

I wanted to throw in one additional bonus tip on hotel savings. If you are looking for last minute deals, I really love Hotel Tonight. I have used it for years and it has saved me money all over the world. 

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