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3 More Strategies For Booking Cheap Flights

I want to share with you a couple of strategies I use with Google Flights to find cheap airfare. 

Multiple Departure And Multiple Arrival Airports

Most people do not realize that they can select up to seven departure and seven arrival airports to include in their search. This gives you a combination of 49 different scenarios. If you are willing to be a little flexible on your departure and arrival airports you can find some tremendous deals. In the example below, I have selected 7 different airports in Florida that I am willing to depart from. 


24/7 Alerts On Incredible Deals And Even Mistake Airfares

Another great option is to select 'track fares' after completing a basic search. This will put into motion a 24/7 search that will alert you of any deals for that route. Although it is not common, every so often airlines will publish a mistake airfare. These mistake airfares are sometimes 90 percent off the regular price! If you have an alert in place you will be one of the first people to see this deal and will have a chance to grab it before the airline takes it down.


The Points Guy

If you have a decent credit score, there are plenty of rewards credit cards with very generous promotions that can lead to free flights. The Points Guy site keeps a running tab of the best deals going. Some people even make a game of changing credit cards every few months to get perpetual free and discounted flights throughout the year. Below is an interview with the founder of The Points Guy website.

Benefits Of Booking Directly With The Airlines

Regardless of how you find your airfare deal, it makes a lot of sense (especially with the pandemic) to go directly to the airlines site to make your final purchase. If you have an issue and need to reschedule or there is a flight cancelation, it is much less of a hassle to deal directly with the airline. 

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