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Would You Put Ads On Your Car For $500 Per Month?

You are probably seeing more and more cars displaying ads. So called ‘ad wraps’ are a popular way to turn any car or truck into a moving billboard. What you might not realize is that you can volunteer to have your car wrapped and get paid hundreds of dollars per month.


A word of warning — there are a lot of ad wrap scams to steer clear of. The key is to stick with established companies and never pay to join a program. If you are asked to pay anything to the wrap company, it should be an immediate red flag.

Major Ad Wrap Agencies




Free Car Media

Referral Cars

Sticker Ride

Each company will have its own unique requirements such as minimum age, vehicle age, background checks, and minimum miles driven (and locations). Keep in mind that these companies are seeking vehicles in major cities that are in high-traffic locations. Those with the greatest chance of being selected are daily commuters in major cities. Experts suggest confirming that your auto insurance will not be affected by an ad wrap, and that your neighborhood has no restrictions on parking ad wrapped vehicles.

The amount these agencies will pay can range from $150 to $500 per month. This could very well mean that your ad wrap income covers you entire car payment. If you own your car outright, this money can be used for investing or paying down debt.

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