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One place you may not have been in a while is your local library, as many have been closed due to the pandemic. Libraries are making big changes these days, and it is all about transitioning to online content. If your local library has taken the leap into the digital world, you could save hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars each year.


Your Library Card Is Worth Thousands Of Dollars

I live in a small town and our library is a little outdated. I made frequent trips to the library when my children were younger and needed access to resources for school projects. In recent years, I have not found the library to be of much value. As a writer and researcher, I spend thousands each year on books and audiobooks. My aversion to our local library is simply because I have not found much relevant and up-to-date resources on the shelves.

On a recent visit I learned about the new ‘garden room’ that is set up almost like a Starbucks (bring your own coffee). But, I made an even more significant discovery when standing in line to check out a few books (yes, still some good older titles on the shelves). There were several brochures announcing new online services now available.

Although our library is small, they have affiliated with four online content providers. With just my library card, I can enroll in these services and tap into millions of resources. This includes eBooks, audiobooks, movies, music, newspapers, and magazines. You can even stream movies right on your TV!

Listed below are the four major services I have access to, your library may have even more. All I need is my library card and I can sign up and begin accessing content.





Take a minute to stop by your library to ask about online content. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at all that is available.

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