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A nationwide road trip is an American rite of passage. If you have the time, a driving trip provides the opportunity to see the country up close and personal. You can even take in those odd local attractions, such as the World’s Largest Ball Of Twine in Cawker City, Kansas. One way to make that road trip happen is as a driveaway driver. The idea is simple; you get paid to move a car or RV from point A to point B. A typical scenario: Bill and Mary are moving from Florida to New York. Mary will drive one of... Read more →

I was a bit confused but pleasantly surprised when setting up my new 4K TV to see a built-in app called Samsung TV Plus. After clicking on the app I was amazed to see a scrolling menu with over 150 channels (many broadcasting in 4K). Not a free trial — these channels are included and free forever (Samsung TV or device required). Many channels have commercials, but those of you paying for cable TV also have ads on top of shelling out $75 or more per month, right? If you don’t have a Samsung TV, there is a growing list... Read more →

My wife and I have become increasingly frustrated at the rising cost of our auto insurance. We live in Florida, and all forms of insurance here are becoming more expensive because of the explosion in population. I stumbled across an article that listed Florida Farm Bureau as the best value for auto insurance in my state. I had honestly never heard of the company, but I hit the computer and found the phone number for the local office. I got a quick price quote over the phone, which offered a savings of over 30% from my current rate! The agent... Read more →

Americans have too much stuff! Who can argue with that? Self storage is a $40 billion dollar per year business. If you have ever rented space at one of these facilities, you know it is not cheap. Even a small 10 x 10 unit can cost $100 or more per month. The price skyrockets when you consider storing larger items such as RVs, boats, or automobiles. The New Opportunity In Peer To Peer Storage Space Rental Cutting out the big box rental facilities, so called peer-to-peer storage apps are connecting people with available space in their home with those needing... Read more →

I have worked in the real estate industry on and off for many years, at one time I even was a partner in a real estate brokerage here in Florida. Despite my years of experience in real estate, I had never heard of ‘home title fraud’ until recently. The most shocking aspect of this crime is how easy it is to pull off and how most victims don’t find out until it is too late. Home title fraud occurs when a property deed is altered and the owner listed is changed to the name of the criminal. In many cases,... Read more →

One place you may not have been in a while is your local library, as many have been closed due to the pandemic. Libraries are making big changes these days, and it is all about transitioning to online content. If your local library has taken the leap into the digital world, you could save hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars each year. Your Library Card Is Worth Thousands Of Dollars I live in a small town and our library is a little outdated. I made frequent trips to the library when my children were younger and needed access to... Read more →

Photo by Kong Jun on Unsplash #1 Consider Buying Two One-Way Tickets Instead Of A Round Trip Google Flights includes a search for two one-way tickets in a standard search. I have used this strategy several times. It simply puts you on a different airline for your return trip. Most of the search platforms do not include this, that is why I use Google Flights. It is always worth comparing prices for one-way flights, especially on international travel. #2 Check Several Departing And Returning Days In Your Airfare Scenario Many of the major travel sites are beginning to offer this... Read more →

You are probably seeing more and more cars displaying ads. So called ‘ad wraps’ are a popular way to turn any car or truck into a moving billboard. What you might not realize is that you can volunteer to have your car wrapped and get paid hundreds of dollars per month. Avoid Advertising Wrap Scams A word of warning — there are a lot of ad wrap scams to steer clear of. The key is to stick with established companies and never pay to join a program. If you are asked to pay anything to the wrap company, it should... Read more →

Not being a gamer, I am a little late to the world of virtual reality. I purchased the Oculus Quest 2 about ten days ago and have been amazed at all of the non-gaming features. As a financial writer, I thought I would approach my review from the perspective of saving money. Yes, VR can save you money — use the information below as your sales pitch to get your skeptical spouse on board! Photo by Remy Gieling on Unsplash 1. Quit Your Gym There are hundreds of fitness apps that can replace aerobic exercise classes. While I am not... Read more →

Chasing Cosby Author Nicole Weisensee Egan discusses the Bill Cosby case and how he was released from prison. The shocking details you won't hear anywhere else of how Cosby's wealth and fame apparently got him a backdoor deal. The one reporter that continues to cover the story, even after being threated with jail - Nicki Egan has the latest news on the Bill Cosby case and what happens next. Read more →

Jim discusses the reason that small businesses can't get workers - people are being paid to stay home! Also, are masks coming back due to the Delta variant, the Cleveland Indians are now the the Cleveland Guardians, Disney moving thousands of jobs from California to Florida, and Carl Bernstein says Trump is a war criminal. Read more →

The White House admits directing social media platforms to ban people accused of spreading 'misinformation.' Jim reviews the documentary about the life and death of Anthony Bourdain, Russia and China planning a first strike on the United States? and more than half the experts in a recent survey believe that Bitcoin will replace fiat currency by the year 2050. Read more →