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As Ghislaine Maxwell sits in a federal prison awaiting trial, major news continues to break on the Jeffrey Epstein story. Dylan Howard, author of Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales, discusses the latest news on Bill gates and the Epstein connection. When will Epstein confidant Ghislaine Maxwell go on trial? and what secrets can she trade for a lighter sentence? Read more →

Since 1929, Hollywood’s brightest stars have flocked to the Chateau Marmont as if it were a second home. An apartment building-turned-hotel, the Chateau has been the backdrop for generations of gossip and folklore: where director Nicholas Ray slept with his 16-year-old Rebel Without a Cause star Natalie Wood; Jim Morrison swung from the balconies; John Belushi suffered a fatal overdose; and Lindsay Lohan got the boot after racking up nearly $50,000 in charges in less than two months. But despite its mythic reputation, much of what has happened inside the Chateau’s walls has eluded the public eye - until now.... Read more →

This summer might be huge for the travel industry, but the jury is still out on just how big of a season it will be. Cruises are back, Broadway is opening, and Europe welcomes Americans again! Here are 7 insider tips for post-Covid travel. #1 Book Your Rental Car Early Or Skip It Altogether There is a shortage of new cars coming off the production lines because of a worldwide scarcity of computer chips. As a result, rental car agencies have fewer cars available than usual, and prices are spiking. The best move here is to select a vacation destination... Read more →

As much as 45 percent of the fuel supply to the east coast of the United States has been interrupted due to a cyber attack, a Bill Gates funded company releases genetically modified mosquitoes in the U.S., Fauci says we may be back to normal by next Mother's Day, college students suspended for not wearing masks outside and off campus, and the investigation into the shooting of Ashli Babbit gets closer to revealing name of shooter. Read more →

When police told Karen Foster that her eighteen-year-old daughter, Bonnie Craig, had died in a hiking accident, she knew the pieces of the investigation just didn’t add up. Bonnie would have never ditched her classes at the University of Alaska to go hiking. And she didn’t drive—so how would she have reached McHugh Creek, miles outside of Anchorage, in the first place? Armed with little more than her own conviction, Karen set out to find the truth behind her daughter’s death. Here is the chilling tale of a mother’s unflagging fight to track down the monster who stole her daughter’s... Read more →

As the war on the police escalates, many communities are experiencing a shortage of officers. To make matters worse some are calling for fake 911 calls to 'clog' the system and BLM says that the Chauvin verdict is not enough as they demand reparations. The state of California announces plans to release 76,000 inmates, and most are violent and some are even lifers. The FBI mistakenly raids an Alaska bed and breakfast looking for Nancy Pelosi's laptop, a California professor is suspended after berating a student that referred to police officers as heroes in a class report, and Jim reads... Read more →