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How To Get Free Stuff By Joining Online Gifting Groups

A New Way To Get Free Stuff?

I thought I was already the king of how to get free stuff, but I learned something new this week. Apparently there is a growing phenomenon known as the 'gift economy.' What is it? People deciding to give away their unused items rather than selling them. 

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Why would people give away what they could sell?  

At first at I couldn't wrap my brain around it, but then it clicked. My wife and I give away a ton of items each year to a local thrift shop that supports a pro-life ministry. Over the years we have also given to Goodwill as well as organizations that help military veterans. This new way of giving is simply a more direct approach. Rather than dropping off a bunch of items at a charity, people simply offer them up for free online. Let's be honest - many of us simply have cluttered houses and don't have the time or interest in selling our unused stuff. 

What Groups Are There To Find Free Stuff?

It is important to understand that people involved in this new gifting movement are building communities. It is essential to join these groups not just to be a recipient of free items, but also to consider becoming a giver yourself.  List below are a couple of the more popular communities, but keep in mind that there is plenty of free stuff posted regularly on the Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. I am sure there are countless similar online groups in most major cities, you just have to search them out. 

Buy Nothing Project

The Nextdoor neighborhood community app is a great place to post and find free stuff within your own neighborhood.

How To Participate In An Online Gifting Community

People approach these communities in a different ways. For example, if you need something that is not listed you can post your need to the group. I also saw several examples of people posting an item and then asking people to respond explaining why they need it or how they would use it. In other words, they wanted to give that item to someone that was truly in need and deserving. Each group has rules, but who you gift your item to is entirely up to you. 

Be Careful!

I would follow the same precautions that you would take if you were selling something online - See Craigslist Safety Tips.


If you have participated in an online gifting community, please use the discussion area below to share your experience and we can start a conversation.

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