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The 7 Best Places To Sell Your Used Cell Phones And Electronics

If you have already dug through the couch and found all of the loose change, your next search for cash should include your used electronics. As a society we cycle through gadgets more quickly than ever. It seems like as soon as you get that new device there is a newer and better version hitting the market. As a result, most families have a growing stack of old gadgets around the house. The 7 Best Places To Sell Your Used Cell Phones And Other Electronics

What Electronics Can You Sell?

The top items you can sell are smart phones,  laptops, and tablets. But there is also demand for Amazon Kindles, and even devices like Ring doorbells. 

The 7 Best Places To Sell Your Used Cell Phones And Other Electronics

There are a growing number of online platforms that provide a quick and easy process for selling used devices. Although you can pocket more money by selling on Facebook or eBay, using one of the below platforms is a no hassle way of getting paid quickly. 





Buy Back World

It's Worth More

Giz Mogul

Important Warning: Be sure to perform a factory reset on any phones, tablets, or Kindles you sell so that your data is not exposed. Although the process is somewhat different, the same advice applies to laptop computers. See videos below.

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