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How One Simple Video Pays Me $30 to $50 Every Month Through The Amazon Associates Program

When people learn that I make my full time living working online I always love the reaction. Either they don't believe me, or they consider me one of those 'mystical and magical' people that are just plain lucky. It is hysterical because there are still a lot of folks that don't know that you can actually earn money online. Some people will then follow up and ask me what I sell on eBay, since that is the only online business they have heard of (if this is you, you really need to get out more...). When I tell them that I partner with Amazon in one of my businesses, that really confuses them. Let me share a story...

My Wife Was Stuck Trying To Teach Music Online And I Ended Up Striking Gold Again...

I could hit you with a thousand examples and get into some really complicated technical stuff, but you would be on your way to another website when your eyes start glazing over. So, let's make this super simple.  My wife is a music teacher and when the Coronavirus (black plague) hit us in the spring she was at a loss how to continue to keep teaching music. She wanted her students to sing their solos over ZOOM. But, and this is a really big but... no one could figure out how to mix the background music with the student's voice to make it work. She was in tears... but no one had the answer. That is, no one but me! 

The same way I mix the music and my voice for my online radio show is the answer. So simple, and I could set that up for her in no time. I would be a hero to my wife and the music would continue to play on via ZOOM. Hey, we did it! But, and this is another big but... the kids and their parents couldn't figure it out and my wife couldn't explain it. A great idea but no one could implement it.

I Created This 7 Minute Video And Posted It On YouTube And Now I Get Paid $30 To $50 Every Month After People Click On My Amazon Affiliate Links In The Description

Where Does The Money Come From Jim? Amazon Of Course!

The magic happens in the description of the video. See what I have in my description ... If you have never posted a YouTube video, this is just a big box below the video that YouTube lets you type in whatever you want to describe your video (or provide links for your viewer).


My description has links to all of the electronic gadgetry that people need to implement what I discuss in the video. Every time someone clicks on one of these links I get a percentage of everything they buy at Amazon. I don't just get a cut of the electronic device purchase, but ON EVERYTHING THEY BUY FOR 24 HOURS after clicking on my link. This is all through the Amazon affiliate program, which is 100% free to join. Anyone can sign up and start getting paid monthly for links they post online. This is just one video... there is no limit to the number of videos you can make and post to YouTube. You can make an unlimited number of videos reviewing products, giving advice, it is limitless. Each video can have your affiliate links in the description. Each video becomes a 24 hour money making machine for you. 

Amazon Associates Program

Getting started with the Amazon affiliate program is easy enough.  Simply go through a short sign up process (Click Here) and start selecting the products you are going to promote. An easy way to get started is to review products you already own and like that you have purchased through Amazon. Each product can have its own blog post or video review.  Once your account is set up I recommend that you check out the resource center for dozens of free tips and training tools. 


Your monthly payment from Amazon can be a direct deposit into your bank account, or you can choose to receive an Amazon gift card for your earnings.  This is just one idea that you will learn from my online course which is all about retiring on Internet income. Consider joining me today. Check out the first three lessons for free!

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