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It Is Easier Than Ever To Replace Home Internet Service With A WiFi Hotspot

I have written a lot over the years about dropping cable TV and the options on that are expanding daily. One frequent question I also get is about how to drop expensive and unreliable home Internet service. I don't think very many of us could survive without Internet at home, especially with the explosion of the work from home movement. One alternative that has been explored in the past is personal WiFi hotspots. The problem with the cost of a WiFi hotspot has been the limited amount of data, but that is changing. Boost Mobile is currently offering a hotspot for $50 a month that includes 50 GB of data. With that much data, it is very realistic to replace home Internet with a hotspot. Keep in mind that this is only a viable option if you have decent cell phone reception where you live (if you want to check the coverage maps, Boost is on the Sprint network). 

Smaller Than A Cell Phone

Of course, the main benefit of a personal hotspot is the ability to have Internet access wherever you go. As a writer, I love to work from coffee shops and restaurants but there is not always an adequate Internet connection. Even when 'free' Internet is offered it can be slow and you face the risk of your data being intercepted by a hacker (I also save time by avoiding the process of signing in and providing my e mail). I just sit down and open up my computer and start working. It also opens up a lot of other possibilities, such as working at a picnic table in a park, at the beach, or even from a boat.

Since I broadcast a live talk show from my home, I still  need to keep high speed hard wired Internet in place, so my hotspot won't replace home Internet (it is, however, a great backup when the home Internet goes out). For many people a hotspot very well could replace their home Internet (you can even connect up to 10 devices simultaneously).  The cost to purchase the hotspot is just $50 and the agreement with Boost Mobile is $50 prepaid and goes from month to month with no long term contract required. There is also a new $60 per month plan that offers unlimited data. 

I really see these hotspot options as the next horizon and expect the data limits to expand and the prices to come down as well.

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