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Civil War History Being Erased By The Cancel Culture - Removal Of Civil War Monuments
Is A Vaccine With A Microchip Coming Soon?

Coronavirus - The Tyranny Of Masks And Plan To Keep Them After Vaccine

The request to simply wear a mask or a 'face covering' is not so simple anymore. More and more businesses are banning certain types of masks and subjectively deciding what face coverings are 'good enough' to comply with their rules. Jim shares the story of being kicked out of a Florida State Park after being told that a scarf covering the nose and mouth is not acceptable, even though park rules say otherwise. A Chicago police officer finds spit in his coffee at Dunkin' Donuts. Cook County (Chicago) votes to defund police and jails, but has dozens of shootings this weekend and 9 deaths. The coming financial reckoning from eviction and foreclosure moratoriums, and the battle over $600 per week federal unemployment payments.