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Golden State Killer Pleads Guilty - Author Keith Komos

Author of Case Files Of The Golden State Killer, Keith Komos, joins Jim with an update on the case. On June 29, 2020, Joseph James DeAngelo Jr. pled guilty to multiple counts of murder and kidnapping. As part of the plea bargain, DeAngelo also admitted to numerous crimes he had not been formally charged with, including rapes. As a result of the guilty plea, will we learn more details about past crimes or of additional crimes not connected to DeAngelo? Why did the families support a plea agreement that would take the death penalty off the table? DeAngelo's apparent claim of having a multiple personality disorder by blaming 'Jerry' for making him commit these heinous crimes.

With over one hundred burglaries, fifty rapes, and possibly a dozen murders, the “East Area Rapist” / “Golden State Killer” / "Original Night Stalker" was truly one of history’s most vile and heinous criminals. He seemed to appear out of nowhere in the mid-1970s near Sacramento, California, where he began a series of rapes and murders that left police baffled and communities on-edge. He couldn’t be tracked, he couldn’t be found, and he couldn’t be stopped. Over a ten-year period, towns like Modesto, Davis, Concord, San Ramon, San Jose, Danville, Fremont, Walnut Creek, Goleta, Ventura, Dana Point, Irvine, and the neighborhoods of Sacramento were all violated by this monster. He left behind thousands of clues spread throughout over a dozen jurisdictions but still somehow outmaneuvered efforts to capture him at every turn.