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Minneapolis City Council Defunding and Disbanding Police Department

Incredible True Stories Of Angels And How They Serve As God's Messengers

What are angels? For many people, the word prompts images of glowing, winged, female-type creatures who enlighten, nurture, and guide people here on earth. Some believe them to be spirit guides or benefactors, while others see them as mere protectors. Many people believe that they can be summoned or beckoned at the will of humans, while others do not believe in their existence at all. But, what does the Bible say that they are? Envision around you, day and night, a valiant, thriving battle between good and evil, raging within a shrouded jurisdiction. This army surrounds you each step you take, intervenes on your behalf, and wages spiritual warfare when the human soul is at stake. Angels are the servants of the Almighty God: His messengers, agents of His will, and silent guardians who keep watch when you think you are alone.

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