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Teich lay handcuffed and chained to the walls of a closet in the Bronx with a medical bandage wrapped around his head to cover his eyes. His captors demanded that his wife, Janet, drop a bag with $750,000 (the equivalent of four million dollars in today’s currency) in a locker at Penn Station, making the Jack Teich ransom one of the highest in U.S. history at the time. FBI and Nassau County police detectives spent over a year before finally uncovering the meticulously planned kidnapping ploy hatched by radical mastermind Richard Warren Williams. The FBI internally dubbed the Jack Teich... Read more →

Jim discusses reporting anomalies in Coronvirus totals. Are we looking at a second wave or is the reporting skewed? African dust storm reaches the U.S., the price of beef skyrockets, Trump posts 'white power' video and then deletes it, why Parler is the new great social media alternative to Twitter, and NBA players will be allowed to put social justice statements on the back of their jerseys. Read more →

Why masks make no sense scientifically, how to boost your immune system naturally, how beets can turbocharge your workouts, the new water that everyone is talking about, the four keys to better health, and the number one thing we can do to improve our health. Nutritional pharmacist Ben Fuchs joins Jim Paris Live. Read more →

The Atlanta prosecutor in the Rayshard Brooks case is running for re-election, did he overcharge the officer? Was a charge of murder warranted? What will happen when the case goes to trial? The incredible indiscriminate destruction of historical monuments continues, 56 shot and 9 dead in Chicago, why were there empty seats at the Trump Tulsa event? Chick-Fil-A’s CEO says whites should shine the shoes of African Americans to make up for racism, Newsom orders all Californians to wear masks, and transgender men to join women's sports after Supreme Court ruling. Read more →

The 1986 murder of Hare Krishna devotee Steven Bryant (Sulochan dasa) was arguably the darkest moment in the fifty-one year history of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness—a new branch of the Chaitanya-Bengali-Vaishnava religion founded in New York City in 1966 by an Indian spiritual teacher and guru, His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (1896-1977). A mere nine years after the disappearance of this beloved spiritual father, one of their own was hunted down and assassinated. This brutal killing was achieved through a cooperative effort by “spiritual” leaders, senior managers and hit men enforcers from West Virginia, Ohio,... Read more →

On this episode Jim discusses the shooting of Rayshard Brooks by an Atlanta Police Officer. There are distinct differences between this case and the shooting of George Floyd, but it appears that the use of deadly force was not be justified as the death of Brooks has been ruled as a homicide. Protesters returned to the scene of the Wendy's restaurant Saturday evening and burned it to the ground. A CNN news crew was attacked by rioters while attempting to video the demonstration that led to the restaurant being set ablaze. Jim also discusses the 'new science' on Covid-19 and... Read more →

Ten million Americans own timeshares and reports are that most are not happy. The number that want to get rid of their one week vacation condo is as high as 85 percent! There are so many people that want out, that there are dozens of firms offering timeshare cancellation services. So-called 'timeshare exit firms’ seem successful at what they do, but pricey (as much as $4,000 for their help). What Is The Problem With Timeshares? I know people that treasure and use their timeshare, so why are so many people unhappy? The biggest issue is the annual maintenance fee, which... Read more →

On this episode Bible prophecy expert Pastor Paul Begley discusses news and current events. Are the riots and lawlessness mentioned in Bible prophecy? How the system for control by the antichrist is already in place. What can we expect in November if Trump is re-elected? Is the Earth's magnetic field being affected by Planet-X (Nibiru)? How close are we to the return of Christ? Read more →

In a shocking turn of events, the City Council Of Minneapolis has announced a plan to defund and dismantle their police department. The NFL reverses its policy and says that players can kneel during the Anthem going forward. UCLA professor out on leave for not canceling final exam after George Floyd death. NYC district attorney says that the man that desecrated St. Patrick's Cathedral will not be prosecuted, and Mark Levin suggests that liberals lead the way by dismissing their own police protection. Read more →

What are angels? For many people, the word prompts images of glowing, winged, female-type creatures who enlighten, nurture, and guide people here on earth. Some believe them to be spirit guides or benefactors, while others see them as mere protectors. Many people believe that they can be summoned or beckoned at the will of humans, while others do not believe in their existence at all. But, what does the Bible say that they are? Envision around you, day and night, a valiant, thriving battle between good and evil, raging within a shrouded jurisdiction. This army surrounds you each step you... Read more →

On this episode - Why was Derek Chauvin the only officer charged? When will they charge the other three officers? Derek Chauvin worked at the same night club as George Floyd, just a coincidence? Why are the prosecutors not releasing all of the video from the arrest? Who are the violent protesters in Minneapolis and where are they coming from? How will the authorities stop the violence and looting? Read more →

Photo by Aleksi Räisä on Unsplash With the arrest this week of Ghislaine Maxwell, the secrets Jeffrey Epstein took to his grave may finally be revealed. An international man of mystery, a math genius, he was associated with both MIT scientists and the likes of Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking. My personal question: Did he own Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency? I think it would be more than reasonable to expect cryptocurrency to have been within his wheelhouse. Heck, with his math background and science connections I have even considered the prospect that he was involved with the creation of Bitcoin.... Read more →