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Coronavirus - Who Can We Trust To Tell Us The Truth?
Coronavirus Surgeon General: This Week Is Our Pearl Harbor

Coronavirus and Bible Prophecy - Author And Pastor Carl Gallups

Jim welcomes back pastor and author Carl Gallups to discuss his new book, Masquerade. What do we make of the worldwide lockdown from Coronavirus? Could this be a dress rehearsal for the antichrist? Are we in the tribulation? What should Christians do as we approach the end days? Is Coronavirus being hyped as a tool to control the masses? What does the Bible say about pandemics and prophetic events? Think of the young people who are being raised during our own prophetic times. Consider the institutions of education, entertainment, “science,” information and communication technology, and even “the church,” that have been distorted and/or completely usurped by the demonic realm.

Contemplate the sheer deluge of the “doctrines of demons” that continues to pour forth upon humanity from all these sources. And think of the younger citizens of this planet who have only known this kind of diabolical fakery — for their entire lives. Is there any wonder that so much confusion reigns across the planet? What kind of world-to-come is being created by this torrent of filth and fraud? The Bible gives us the answer. It’s all hurtling toward the kingdom reign of the man of lawlessness.

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