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Hunter Biden Facing Contempt Of Court
This is the real Aaron Hernandez story—and perhaps just the beginning of a whole new murder investigation.

Murders And Rapes On Cruises

My best friend, Michelle, and I decided to celebrate our thirty-year friendship. I have known her since I was five years old, and so we thought, “How about going on a cruise together?” We decided to take a Royal Caribbean cruise to the Mexican Riviera in February 2006. Just think -- seven days of fun and sun, relaxing with umbrella drinks in our hands. I couldn’t wait…But little did I know of the dangers that awaited me... The trip started out great – Ports of call, dinners, shows, drinks in the lounges, meeting other passengers and dancing. We were having so much fun, but everything in my life changed on February 21, 2006…

Michelle and I were in the Viking Crown Lounge, when we were approached by a crew member, whose badge indicated that he was a “security guard.” He demanded to see our IDs and asked whether we were old enough to be drinking in the bar. He asked for our cabin number. As the night continued, Michelle and I talked and danced with other passengers. When I decided to go up and request a song, that same crew member approached me and held my wrist and kissed me, while trying to whisper something in my ear. I said, “No, get away”. Then, I headed back to be with Michelle and get away from this man. I was upset, so Michelle brought me back to my cabin and waited for me to fall asleep, before she headed back to the lounge. Later, there was a knock at the door. It was dark. Thinking it was Michelle, I opened the door halfway, but it was him! He forced his way into my cabin and pushed me onto the bed. I struggled and tried to resist, but he raped me. He left me, passed out on the bed with ligature marks around my neck.

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