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BREAKING NEWS ON EPSTEIN CASE Buy the book Click Here. He was the billionaire financier and close confidant of presidents, prime ministers, movie stars and British royalty, the mysterious self-made man who rose from blue-collar Brooklyn to the heights of luxury. But while he was flying around the world on his private jet and hosting lavish parties at his private island in the Caribbean, he also was secretly masterminding an international child sex ring—one that may have involved the richest and most influential men in the world. The conspiracy of corruption was an open secret for decades. And then this... Read more →

Jim takes his deepest dive yet into the mystery of the Jeffrey Epstein case. The media cover-up, the battle to keep the case files sealed, the involvement of Ken Starr (special counsel in Clinton investigation), the latest on Prince Andrew, the sudden resignation of Alex Acosta, the special investigation launched by the Florida Governor into Epstein's 2008 sweethear deal, Epstein's mysterious 1953 trust, and much more. Read more →

Jim discusses the rise of Greta Thunberg and the best way for Christans and conservatives to respond to environmental activism - When the facts are on your side you don't need to engage in hyperbole and personal attacks. The Biden scandals continue as Hunter Biden must disclose his finances in an Arkansas court in paternity/child support case, and Rudy Giuliani returns from Ukraine with more details on the Burisma deal. James Comey admits he 'was wrong' but then minimizes the numerous errors in applications filed with the FISA Court, and Adam Schiff's town hall turns into chaos when Trump supporters... Read more →

On this episode - Joe Biden calls an Iowa voter fat and challenges him to a push-up contest, but things get even worse. There is already the Ukraine scandal, and now new developments in a paternity suit require Hunter Biden to produce financial records for the past five years after it is confirmed that he is the father of a baby in Arkansas. In McMinnville Tennessee the FBI is investigating terroristic threats against a couple that are suing Joe Biden's brother. Interested in the Epstein case? Jim shares the three best podcasts to listen to for the latest news, and... Read more →

In Touch Magazine seems to have misled readers by suggesting in a recent issue that Tom Cruise is leaving Scientology. Scientology expert Tony Ortega joins Jim Paris Live to discuss Tom Cruise's latest move to Clearwater, Florida and what appears to be a renewed commitment to Scientology. What is the future of the Leah Remini TV show? Are there any major lawsuits or legal issues presently facing Scientology? and what significant events could be coming in 2020? Read more →

Dan discusses important tax topics for small business owners (and those planning to start a business this year). This discussion includes whether or not you should incorporate or form an LLC, the danger of classifying freelancers as independent contractors (how to know whether they should be on the books as an employee), how to reduce your audit chances, the proper way to deduct travel expenses, the home office deduction, and much more! Read more →

On this episode Jim discusses the Black Friday phenomenon and the surge in sales, but who is out there buying all this stuff? Are Black Friday deals really deals anyway? It is being reported by a new outlet in the UK that Prince Andrew is in daily communication with Ghislane Maxwell (Jeffrey Epstein associate), fueling speculation that a federal court may be about to release details in a document dump. Why do some people hate Bitcoin so much that they make it a crusade? and Jim discusses a new Christmas song he has written with his daughter. Read more →

The Lord gave me the lyrics to this song a year ago. My daughter agreed to write the music and record it. I dedicate this to everyone that has a broken heart this Christmas because you are grieving the loss of a loved one. God bless and Merry Christmas.Click below and turn your sound up. Read more →