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Joe Biden Family Scandals Stacking Up - Jim Biden FBI Investigation, Hunter Biden Paternity Suit
Jeffrey Epstein Death (Suicide) Investigation Special - Latest News And Developments

Greta Thunberg - How Conservatives Should Respond

Jim discusses the rise of Greta Thunberg and the best way for Christans and conservatives to respond to environmental activism - When the facts are on your side you don't need to engage in hyperbole and personal attacks. The Biden scandals continue as Hunter Biden must disclose his finances in an Arkansas court in paternity/child support case, and Rudy Giuliani returns from Ukraine with more details on the Burisma deal. James Comey admits he 'was wrong' but then minimizes the numerous errors in applications filed with the FISA Court, and Adam Schiff's town hall turns into chaos when Trump supporters show up.

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