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On this episode Pastor Paul Begley joins Jim Paris to discuss the latest world news and how it relates to Bible prophecy. Begley shares details of his recent trip to Israel, discusses the Netanyahu indictment, Iran, Russia, Turkey, Planet X (Nibiru). He also shares his thoughts on his success and struggles using social media to reach the masses with his teaching on Bible prophecy. Read more →

On this episode Jim discusses the latest news on Jeffrey Epstein case. A federal judge is reportedly about to unseal the files in Epstein criminal case and it would expose more than 1,000 elites that were involved with Epstein. Prince Andrew has been kicked out of Buckingham Palace and has lost his salary and been relieved of all official duties. Speculation is that the prince is about to be implicated even further with Jeffrey Epstein. There is also news that Ghislane Maxwell, the longtime friend of Jeffrey Epstein, is about to come out of hiding to fight to keep the... Read more →

He’s the most prolific, enigmatic, and dangerous offender the State of California has ever known... yet he remains unidentified and unpunished to this day. With over one hundred burglaries, fifty rapes, and possibly a dozen murders, the “East Area Rapist” / “Golden State Killer” / "Original Night Stalker" was truly one of history’s most vile and heinous criminals. He seemed to appear out of nowhere in the mid-1970s near Sacramento, California, where he began a series of rapes and murders that left police baffled and communities on-edge. He couldn’t be tracked, he couldn’t be found, and he couldn’t be stopped.... Read more →

On this episode Jim discusses the Roger Stone conviction, Nancy Pelosi's latest comments saying Trump is worse than Nixon and should resign, Prince Andrew's train wreck interview on Jeffrey Epstein, Myles Garret's suspension from NFL, and a new streaming TV package with 35 channels for just $15 per month. Read more →

The cost of auto insurance can vary widely based on a large number of factors. It is easy, however, to get in a rut and simply pay the bill month after month without considering other options. 7 Ways To Lower Your Auto Insurance Bill 1. Ask For A Discount Many times you don't even have to move your coverage to another company to save money. If you simply contact your current insurance carrier and let them know that you are about to start shopping them out, there is a good chance they will offer you a discount. For this call... Read more →

Filmmaker Justen Faull discusses his new documentary Higher Entities, an investigation into a shadowy, unofficial group inside the federal government called the Collins Elite that reportedly believes the UFO phenomenon is demonic. Who are the Nephilim and what are they planning? How will Christians be deceived as end times prophecies materialize? How evil spiritual entities plan to deceive the church, and a government secret so big that only a very few elite know the details. Read more →

On this episode, Nancy Pelosi warns that top contenders in the race for the Democratic nomination are too far left - can any of them beat Trump? Washington Nationals Pitcher Sean Doolitlle says he will boycott the team's visit to the White House, an eight year old is handcuffed as the Chicago Police violently raid a family home, new poll shows that if Hillary did join the race she would be tied nationally with Joe Biden for lead, Bitcoin continues to have good support above $9,000, and Jim talks two of his other favorite cryptocurrencies - Ripple XRP and Ravencoin. Read more →