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Many regular readers and listeners to my radio show are aware that I have been recommending a unique home phone option called OOMA.  I have been using it now since 2010 and as of today my total savings is $4,371 (compared to a $40 monthly phone line).  The one time cost of a basic OOMA package is just $79 and there are no monthly fees for unlimited calls within the United States. I pay just $3 monthly for a communications tax (amazing that the government has a tax on a free phone!).


In this day and age of unlimited mobile phone plans, many people have dropped their home phone lines. In my own case, I wanted to keep a landline to have a high quality connection for business calls and radio interviews. Another reason is for emergencies. Although the OOMA phone connects to your home WiFi network, it is generally compatible with 911 location services in most areas (emergency responders can not yet pinpoint your exact location from a cell phone call).  Another nice feature of OOMA is that you can keep your current landline phone number. Many of the features that you are accustomed to such as voicemail and call waiting are all included. I should also add that the quality is impeccable - I have gotten excellent feedback from producers after using this phone for my call-in radio show appearances.

Once you connect OOMA to your home router you can plug a phone directly into the unit. There is even a way to connect it to the existing phone wiring to make the OOMA available throughout your entire home. In my own case, I use a headset that connects directly into the unit (for radio interviews) and I use a two phone cordless base unit to be able to use phones in other rooms of the house. 

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