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How To Discover Your God Given Spiritual Gifts

Everyday Champions: Unleash the Gifts God Gave You, Step Into Your Purpose, and Fulfill Your Destiny. Did you know YOU have God-given gifts? That you ve been designed for fellowship with and service to the King of Kings?! Yet perhaps you find yourself bewildered whenever you hear teachings on the Gifts of the Spirit ? Do you sometimes feel as if those supernatural talents were given to everyone you know, while you, yourself, struggle to identify with any of them? Do you wonder if your work in the Lord's service would be more efficient if you identified with a gift? What God installed in YOU for such a time as this?

If so, you're not alone. Joe Ardis Horn was, like many, confused about his role in the Body of Christ for most of his life. From his youngest years, religious people outside his family exposed him to mystifying (and completely false) theologies and church practices, while simultaneously expecting him to live up to an ever-changing list of behavioral standards that differed from one church leader to another.

His understanding of and relationship with the Lord was born from these perplexing years, and ruthless bullying in school exacerbated his search to find his place in the Kingdom of God. The perpetual hard knocks left him drifting like a leaf in life's windstorm: destination unknown. In Everyday Champions, you will: - Learn how God designed you to be an Everyday Champion - Recognize how to identify and unleash your supernatural, God-given gifts - Discover the most overlooked spiritual gifts in the Bible - Ascertain what the true meaning of faithful ministry is - Journey with Joe as he walks you step by step through his experiences in both the authentic and superficial religious institutions - Meet real-life heroes whose small investments in Joe s life brought clarity and purpose.


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