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Warning: Don't Ever Leave A Bottle Of Water In Your Car - Here's Why

A number of articles have been circulating around the Internet warning people that a bottle of water can actually create a fire if left in direct sunlight. Is this true? has confirmed that this claim does appear to be true. In fact, check out the video below demonstrating how it can actually happen.

Other Reasons Not To Leave A Water Bottle In Your Car

There are more and more studies suggesting that plastic bottles can be unhealthy (especially if they are exposed to heat for long periods of time). The thinking is that small undetectable particles of plastic may actually get into the water you are drinking.


This seems to be a very smart tip and a good reason to take that bottle of water with you when you leave your car. While I don't know how likely it is that a raging fire would result, why take a chance? Who wants to return to a hot bottle of water anyway!

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