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New YouTube Competitor To Pay 90 Percent Of Revenue To Video Creators

If you are a regular listener to my radio show you are very familiar with my ongoing rant about the limited number of companies that seem to be presently controlling the Internet. I have a YouTube channel, and I absolutely love the technology. Alongside untold thousands of people, however, I am unable to earn money from my channel because I have been 'demonetized.' I wish I could explain to you why, but I really don't know! One day I received a notice that I was no longer in 'compliance' with their terms of service. I do not know if it has anything at all to do with being a conservative or a Christian, but my opportunity to earn a revenue share from YouTube has vanished. There is not even a process for me to be reconsidered - I guess it is tantamount to the death penalty. While I am not a monster presence on YouTube, I do have more than 2 million views on my channel and more than 800 videos uploaded.Untitled design (19)

YouTube Has A New Competitor With An Innovative Revenue Model

DLive is not just a YouTube competitor, but they operate on a blockchain with their own cryptocurrency - the Lino. The platform offers a compensation plan that is far superior to YouTube. Not only will content creators earn revenue, but also those that watch and comment on videos. I should also add that the percentage that will be paid out to content creators is 90.1% (compared to YouTube's payout of 55%). 

As you will see from the video below there is a learning curve to use this platform. For starters, to stream your own live videos you will need to use a free software program called Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). To officially become a partner you also need to achieve 200 followers and invest about $30 to purchase a base amount of the Lino cryptocurrency. Keep in mind that this is a very new platform and I would expect the user experience to become less onerous in the future. Presently the site content is mostly video game related, but I did find several channels with news content.

DLive's offering is so appealing that one of YouTube's top earning personalities, PewDiePie, has just jumped ship and moved to DLive. The most innovative feature, however, is decentralization. Unlike a closed platform such as YouTube or Facebook, a decentralized platform is not subject to the strict controls of a centralized administrator. The platform does have rules and community standards, but is considered a bastion of freedom compared to the present trend of censorship by the big name centralized social media platforms. I have launched a DLive channel and am looking forward to testing it out. If this site does surpass YouTube, there will definitely be a distinct advantage to being an early adopter.

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