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Your Credit Score May Have Jumped By 30 Points

If you have ever had a tax lien or civil judgment on your credit report you are among the millions of Americans that could see a significant jump in your credit score.  Over the past several months the credit bureaus have been acting on a recommendation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to remove tax liens from credit reports. It is now being reported that the change has officially taken place and all tax liens have been removed from consumer credit files. Why Your Credit Score May Have Just Jumped By 30 Points

Along with this change was also the decision to remove civil judgments. Another significant advancement involves medical bills. Medical bills can now only be listed on your credit file after they become 180 days old. These new policies come at a perfect time as many Americans consider home purchases and mortgage refinancing as interest rates begin to move higher.

It is a great time to review your credit file and see how you may have benefited and where your score stands today. 

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