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The Vatican Deception (Fatima Secrets)

At the turn of the third millennium, the Catholic Church finds itself embroiled in the greatest crisis of its 2000-year history. Vatican leaders scramble to conceal centuries of Church-approved prophecies that predict a plague of corruption at the top levels of the Catholic hierarchy. The most controversial of these predictions is contained in a document known as the Third Secret of Fatima, a document that was supposed to be published in 1960, but that was withheld by the Vatican. Since then, the church has suffered an extraordinary collapse of faith and morals that prophecy predicts is leading to the apocalypse foretold by scripture. Featuring Chief Vatican Exorcist Father Grabriele Amorth (from “The Devil and Father Amorth” by Oscar winning director William Friedkin), THE VATICAN DECEPTION is an unforgettable documentary about the ominous warning for humanity, an unprecedented prophecy of hope, and the epic battle in the Vatican to conceal it.

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