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Find The Cheapest Plane Ticket With Your Own Personal Airfare Shopper

A few years ago I decided that I wanted to really master the art of cheap travel. The result has been so many wonderful memories and experiences. If you are a regular reader, you have no doubt read my strategies on how to take a super cheap weekend trip , or grab a vacation deal to Europe, or my popular method for finding the cheapest airfare in under one minute.   Looking for that elusive cheap plane ticket can be both frustrating and time consuming. Even more of a headache is keeping track of mileage points and trying to cash them in with all of the airline restrictions.


What if you could pay a travel expert to shop out your airfare and also guarantee that they will find a better deal than you could find yourself? Flystein is a new breed of travel services that does just that, and is remarkably affordable. The shopping fee is just $49 for round trip flights, and the guarantee is what makes the offer hard to pass up. You pay nothing unless they beat the beat the best airfare deal you found on your own.

Flystein uses every trick in the book to uncover bargains. For example, when entering your trip request you will be asked about the flexibility of your trip dates, flexibility of departure and arrival airports, and even whether or not you can fly with just a carry-on bag. While Flystein does not actually book your flight, they will provide you with all of the details to make your ticket purchase.

Flystein FAQs (from the Flystein website)

Is Flystein a regular travel agency?

No. We’re not a regular travel agency. Regular travel agents often take commission or kickbacks from airlines so it’s in their interests to sell you more expensive fares and favor certain airlines. Flystein is 100% independent, which means we really can find you the lowest fares available. We work together with any online travel agency to make sure you get the best deal. Currently, we are not able to actually book tickets for our clients: we simply conduct the search, get you a great deal and then provide guidance to you to help you book it directly from the cheapest source.

Beat My Price:

You’ve already found a flight yourself but want to see if our Flight Experts can get you an even cheaper deal with comparable or better flights. You show us the quote you already have, we authorize your card and your assigned Flight Expert gets to work. For Beat My Price requests, we do not charge your credit card up front; we simply authorize the search fee amount just like most major hotels or car rental companies do. We remove the authorization if we cannot find you a significantly lower price or the savings we find you are less than the amount you paid for your search fee.

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