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Use of Jesus’ Name on ‘The View’ Bleeped Out by ABC

They sure are getting tough at those network standards and practices offices about what counts as a curse word.

Apparently, now, Jesus is a name that cannot be said on television without being bleeped out.

That’s right – Jesus.


When Paula Faris, co-host of ABC’s “The View,” was recently discussing – along with the other co-hosts – the results of a recent poll that found most Britons believe just six of the Ten Commandments are “relevant” in the present day, she had occasion to use the Savior’s names “Jesus Christ” and “Jesus”…and when she did so, they did not pass muster with the censors.

Here’s what Faris said:

“My parents were really strict about what we said in the home. We couldn’t say ‘Oh my God.’ We couldn’t say J.C. We couldn’t say [bleeped out]. We could say ‘Jeez’ ... unless you were praising Him, and then you could say, [bleeped out].”

As noted by The Christian Post, it was obvious to viewers that censored words were “Jesus Christ” and “Jesus,” in that order.

Although it has been speculated that ABC took the step to censor because the backdrop of the conversation was the matter of taking the Lord’s name in vain, and the network was unwilling to allow the names used in the context of curse words, many observers aren’t buying it. As was readily pointed out on social media by show viewers who were paying attention, even when Faris used Jesus’ name when speaking of praising Him, the name was bleeped out.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large