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Woody Allen Tries to Clarify Sympathetic Comment Made on Behalf of Weinstein

Woody Allen has weighed in with his thoughts on the Weinstein scandal.

Actually, you probably don’t need to hear any more than that without thinking there’s a punch line coming next.

But there isn’t. He actually has some thoughts about it.

2017-10-18_14-44-44Weinstein must be banging his head against the wall after hearing accused pedophile Allen – a man who, in addition to being on the receiving end of a host of unsavory allegations involving sex and minors, wound up marrying the daughter of former partner Mia Farrow – seem sympathetic toward him in comments made to the BBC, as reported by The Washington Post.

“The whole Harvey Weinstein thing is very sad for everybody involved,” said Allen. “Tragic for the poor women that were involved, sad for Harvey that his life is so messed up.”

Poor Harvey. On top of everything else coming down on him, that guy has got to be thinking, “With friends like these, who needs enemies?”

Allen, like others in Hollywood, has managed to successfully walk between the raindrops of sexual scandal for decades. Big-name actors continue to work with him, he is honored wherever he goes, and people, by and large, still have no problem going to see his films.

As for Allen’s sympathetic Weinstein comment, an ensuing backlash forced the 81-year-old director to issue a statement in which he said, “When I said I felt sad for Harvey Weinstein I thought it was clear the meaning was because he is a sad, sick man. I was surprised it was treated differently. Lest there be any ambiguity, this statement clarifies my intention and feelings.”


By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large