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Free Tool Helps You To Raise Your Credit Score

Credit Sesame is a fantastic and free online service that provides consumers with a host of tools to manage and improve their finances. Unlike many similar sites, they do not offer a free trial which is followed up by a $10 per month charge - it is free and continues to be free without any strings attached. There is one feature, in particular, that I want draw your attention to, their credit scoring module. Not only do you gain access to your credit score, but they provide a great amount of detail which explains your score, and offers suggestions on how to raise it.


I also really like how the site provides a complete overview of all of your debts. It can be easy to accumulate individual debts not truly appreciating how much overall debt you have. This debt spreadsheet feature will be helpful for both formulating budgets and making plans to consolidate and eliminate your debt. There is also a feature that allows users to list their assets as well (allowing you to get a real picture of your overall net worth).

There are too many other resources to list them all in this article, but one more that I want to mention are the credit alerts. Although this is not a replacement for an identity theft plan, it is a great supplement. The way this works is that any time your credit report from TransUnion is accessed you will receive a notification. If you are also interested in taking a look at what is on your Equifax credit report (and related score), you can do that through another free service called Credit Karma.

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