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Dr. Mike Simpson, M.D., a renowned veteran of U.S. Army Special Forces as well as a doctor of emergency medicine, recently decided he’d had enough of the way the incident in Niger, in which four American soldiers were killed during an ambush by Islamic State militants, is being used by many on the left – most notably Congresswoman Frederica Wilson – to assail President Trump.


As the website Breitbart noted, Simpson, a popular follow on Twitter, used his platform on the social media outlet to write an open, “come to Jesus” sort of letter to liberals in which he calls them out for trying to co-opt the military and veterans in an effort to make their progressive agenda seem more credible…even patriotic.

Simpson’s missive is a thing of beauty. Here’s one compelling chunk of it:

“2) We are overwhelmingly republican, so stop trying to turn us into talking points or props for your agenda, which we do not agree with.

3) To expound on number 2 above, the closer you get to the tip of the spear, the more right-leaning we become. So, that former supply sergeant who you turn to as a “Liberal veteran” is not a good representative of our ranks. Basically, everyone who is continually putting themselves in harm’s way is the polar opposite of you when it comes to core beliefs. Show me a card carrying liberal democrat in special operations, and I’ll show you what is either a case of stolen valor, or the guy everyone else hates, and we’ve probably thrown his shit out into the hallway.”

Yeah, basically.

The fact is, liberals seem to be working harder than ever nowadays to take ownership of patriotism, the military, and other American institutions reflective of what many see as the best in traditional American values. They’ve never really done a good job of it, because it’s always been so obvious that what they believe in, the values they prize, are anathema to what those institutions symbolize.

Nevertheless, they keep trying. But they’re not fooling anyone.

Least of all Dr. Mike Simpson, M.D.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large