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The march of the robots continues. The retail robots, that is. As automation continues to make inroads in replacing human workers outright in many retail settings, Walmart has decided to expand its use of robots in stores. According to Business Insider, Walmart has been using robots at a small number of stores in Arkansas and California. Apparently, things have been going especially well in those locations, because the company has decided to expand use of the machines. Reportedly, Walmart will deploy robots in 50 stores by the end of January. The robots are actually very talented. Their job, right now,... Read more →

Because who doesn’t want to be welcoming? Legendary American historical figures George Washington and Robert E. Lee were once parishioners at Christ Church in Alexandria. Now, however, the plaques memorializing that very fact are to be torn out, because , in the Revisionist United States of America, the historical existence of these two men is apparently so odious that any trace of them should be wiped from the earth. Scared yet? If not, you should be. According to The Republican Standard website, here’s what the church vestry had to say about the decision in a letter to today‘s parishioners: “Hebrews... Read more →

And, once again, the cruel reality of math crushes another social justice dream. According to, reporting on an article that appeared in The Boston Globe, Dudley Dough, a pizza parlor in Boston that was opened, in part, to provide higher-than-average area wages to employees as a means to help realize “economic justice,” is closing its doors after just two years because…it cannot stay solvent. We know – you’re stunned. Bing Broderick, executive director for the nonprofit Haley House, which oversees the shop, issued maybe the least surprising assessment of the situation, saying, “The challenge for Dudley Dough was to... Read more →

It has been said that the anthem protests are just the tip of a social justice iceberg that could well end up sinking the NFL. Beyond the on-field protest acts of the players, a great deal of attention has been paid to the indulgence of the protests by NFL team management as well as the league’s front office. Many observers are beginning to see it as a sign that there’s a significant disconnect between the game as it is and the game as it was, in terms of national political tenor. Add in the sports media cheering section for increased... Read more →

Credit Sesame is a fantastic and free online service that provides consumers with a host of tools to manage and improve their finances. Unlike many similar sites, they do not offer a free trial which is followed up by a $10 per month charge - it is free and continues to be free without any strings attached. There is one feature, in particular, that I want draw your attention to, their credit scoring module. Not only do you gain access to your credit score, but they provide a great amount of detail which explains your score, and offers suggestions on... Read more →

Seriously, what in the world is going on with so many teachers today? According to the New York Post, a dance teacher at Mater Lakes Academy, a school for students in grades six through 12 in Hialeah, Florida, gave what can only be described as an X-rated party for a former student last week. The festive get-together, which was (at least) held after the regular school day ended, featured sex toys as party favors, including “dildos, penis candles and lollipop vaginas.” Videos were, of course, taken by many during the party, and one anonymous parent, speaking to WSVN News (Miami),... Read more →

So if you’ve been paying attention to the so-called “death of retail,” or, more specifically, the death of retail bricks-and-mortar storefronts, you know that one of the higher-profile “patients” that’s looked to be terminal for a while now is none other than the iconic Sears brand. Well, you can add to all of their troubles the news this week that Sears shoppers will no longer be able to purchase Whirlpool appliances. Sears and Whirlpool ended their 101-year relationship after they could not come to terms on pricing. The split means that neither KitchenAid nor Maytag appliances will be available at... Read more →

Today could well be a big day in conspiracy history, as President Trump is leaning heavily toward permitting the remaining documents associated with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy to be made public. As reported by ABC News, while roughly 88 percent of the records have been fully accessible to the public for about 30 years, and another 11 percent have been available in a redacted form, it is expected that all remaining files will be made available in full today, in compliance with a 1992 law. According to the law, all classified government documents related to the 1963... Read more →

Dr. Mike Simpson, M.D., a renowned veteran of U.S. Army Special Forces as well as a doctor of emergency medicine, recently decided he’d had enough of the way the incident in Niger, in which four American soldiers were killed during an ambush by Islamic State militants, is being used by many on the left – most notably Congresswoman Frederica Wilson – to assail President Trump. As the website Breitbart noted, Simpson, a popular follow on Twitter, used his platform on the social media outlet to write an open, “come to Jesus” sort of letter to liberals in which he calls... Read more →

OK, well, this isn’t weird or anything. According to news reports, including one from, it appears that absolute panic now rules the day in the Mozambique town of Gile, where local residents are convinced that there are actual blood-sucking vampires in their midst. Not vampire bats; vampires. Last week, in response to the rumors of vampires, which have been circulating for months now, a mob attacked a business owner in the locality of Muiane who had been accused of being a vampire. Not only was the man attacked and his shop looted, but the homes of both the head... Read more →

You’ve surely heard that tax reform is in the wings. But did you know that some in Congress are kicking around the idea of drastically changing 401(k) contribution limits in order to help pay for it? An idea floated by House Republicans to help pay for President Trump’s proposed tax cuts is to limit – by a lot – the amount of pre-tax money that workers can annually contribute to their 401(k) plans. Under present rules, those younger than age 50 can contribute up to $18,000 per year to the plan, while workers 50 and older can set aside as... Read more →

I am excited to announce that I will be doing a 4 session workshop series on how to get started with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. The exact dates have not been finalized. The workshops will all be recorded and available for replay for those that can not attend live. We also plan on establishing a Facebook group for students to post questions and interact with their own ideas as well. To be invited to this class, be sure an add your name to the interest list - Click Here. Read more →

The students at the University of Southern Indiana had the opportunity last week to participate in an important workshop on campus. The presentation did not, however, have anything to do with methods by which to settle global conflict, how to enhance the stature of developing nations on the world economic stage, or anything like that. The workshop, called “Culture not Costumes,” was instead designed to tackle the enormous problem of cultural insensitivity in the selection of Halloween costumes. According to The College Fix, the workshop addressed the hazards of “cultural appropriation,” which is defined in a workshop handout as “the... Read more →

Even some Democrats who might not make it on a Republican voter’s list of favorite politicians seem irritated at campus leftists working hard to prevent the free expression of ideas in the very venues where most believe the sharing of such ideas should be most welcome. Take former Vice President Joe Biden, for example. According to a report over at, Biden revealed his own frustration with the efforts to suppress free speech on university campuses during a recent appearance he made at the University of Delaware with Governor John Kasich. When asked how people might be encouraged “to be... Read more →

Jim discusses the significance of the upcoming release of the classified JFK files. The Las Vegas shooting: After three weeks of looking into the finances, Internet activity, cell phone accounts, and associates of Stephen Paddock, why are the authorities keeping us in the dark? There are no press conferences scheduled and the mainstream media has completely dropped the story. Read more →