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Joel Osteen Doubles Down On His Decision To Close Church As Congregation Gives Him Standing Ovation

I was one of those that was critical, not so much of his decision not to open the church, but how poorly everything was communicated. Absent from his comments here is any admission of a mistake, or that things could have been handled better, etc... I guess none of that matters when you are speaking to your own supporters that are giving you a standing ovation. What would have shown humility and honesty is to say that mistakes were made and we are going to do better next time. Once this new video of his comments circulates, my sense is that it will only make things worse, not better for Osteen. I guess I can now be included as one of those that was attacking 'faith, and hope, and love' (as he says in video below). My own video on what I truly thought at the time is also embedded below. I also thought it would be helpful to embed the video of the NBC interview as well.


Osteen's Comments To His Church